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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-May-2017A comparative study of death anxiety in Pune and ImphalThingujam, Nutankumar SRam, Usha
12-May-2017Anger triguna _personality factor_ tridosha _constitutional factor_ and irrational beliefs in health outcomesDondogdorj, TungalagRam, Usha
22-May-2017Comparative study of the efficacy of homeopathy rebt and yoganidra in the treatment of angerRasal, Sachin SRam, Usha
2-May-2011Comparative study of the efficacy of homeopathy, rebt and yoganidra in the treatment of angerMoral, Sachin S RasalRam, Usha
31-May-2017Emotional maturity personality type _sattva rajas and tamas_ and social class as variables in stress and wellbeing relationshipTaneja, PujaRam, Usha
10-Apr-2017Measurement on the degree of mental retardationRam, UshaPalsane, M N
24-Jul-2017Personality type self_esteem and ways of coping with stressPoonawala, NishreenRam, Usha
17-Apr-2017Physical and mental health of twelfth standard students in relation to perceived type_a behaviour pattern in self and in parents_stress_ and perceived parental supportDeo, Alka KRam, Usha
12-Jun-2017Psychological stress in working mothers_ a comparative study of women professionals and non_professionals in IndiaAthalye, Naina ARam, Usha
24-Apr-2017Role of some cognitive factors in marital conflictApte, Veena ARam, Usha
25-Jul-2017Role stress among married employed and nonemployed women with special emphasis on beliefs social support and copying strategiesAbhyankar, Shobhana CRam, Usha
16-Jun-2017Stress job satisfaction and coping among type A and type B managers their effects on performancePange, Shubhada DRam, Usha
12-Apr-2017Stress reduction through Yoga nidraDeuskar, MeghaRam, Usha
13-Jun-2017The big five factors of personality_ anger and coping with stress_ a correlational study with reference to correlates of neuroticismMoheb, NaeimehRam, Usha