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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Jul-2021A Study of Academic Achievement in Relation to Family Environment School Environment Achievement Motivation Self Efficacy and Life SatisfactionPuneet KaurRajinder Kaur
17-Jun-2016A Study of Academic Stress in Relation to Personality Characteristics Self Efficacy and Coping BehaviorAnand, GinniRajinder Kaur
4-Mar-2022Bacterial Isolates from UTI Patients and Tap Water of Public ToiletsRajanbir KaurRajinder Kaur
14-Feb-2019Characterization and in Vitro therapeutic potential of arginine deiminase of bacterial isolateRajinder KaurBaljinder Kaur
24-Nov-2021Corporate governance practices and their impact on financial performance in Ethiopian manufacturing firmsTadele Habtamu BeyeneRajinder Kaur
17-Feb-2021Corporate governance practices in public and private sector banks in IndiaRavneet KaurRajinder Kaur
19-Jul-2013Corporate reporting practicGagandeep KaurRajinder Kaur
1-Aug-2022Customer relationship management in banking industry a study of public and private sector banksMarwari, BhartiRajinder Kaur
10-May-2021Financial performance appraisal of fast moving consumer goods industry in India a study of selected companiesGaur, ReetiRajinder Kaur
12-Apr-2019Financing professional education under students loan schemes a study of public and private sector banks in PunjabRajinder KaurManjeet Singh
6-Jun-2022Gender political inequality in South AsiaRajinder KaurGill, Parmjit Kaur
21-Aug-2014Growth Biochemical and Antimutagenic Studies on Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant et FernandRajinder KaurThukral, A.K.
1-Aug-2022Impact of International Financial Institutions on the economic development of Asian economiesAhluwalia, Zeenia SinghRajinder Kaur
18-Oct-2021Infrastructure growth and economic development an inter district analysis in PunjabAvinash KaurRajinder Kaur
20-Apr-2022Interactive Effects of Fluoride and Phthalates on Physiological and Antioxidative Defence Responses in Spirodela polyrhiza L SchleidenSharma, RitikaRajinder Kaur
12-Apr-2019Microfinance and poverty alleviation a study of Amhara credit and saving institution EthiopiaDagnew, Derbew KenubehRajinder Kaur
3-Dec-2013Operational and financial performance of public and private sector banks in IndiaJyoti SalujaRajinder Kaur
12-May-2021Participation of women in political parties in IndiaJagdeep KaurRajinder Kaur
1-Apr-2022Parwas naal sambandhit Punjabi cinema parvachan visleshanRajinder KaurRawail Singh, Ravinder Singh and Baljinder Singh
19-Jul-2013Performance appraisal of cooperative banks in PunjabBansal, GoldyRajinder Kaur