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27-Jun-2013Acoustic environment of school classrooms in warm-humid climates for better learningMuthu, Shoba GRajagopal K
10-Nov-2014Comparison and modelling of zone Settling data for cylindrical and varying Cross sectional thickeners for different Types of suspended materialsSekaran VRajagopal K
18-Nov-2014Corrosion studies of steel in blended cement concrete under marine environmental conditionsVedalakshmi RRajagopal K
28-Feb-2018Decision support system for production planning in ssi using management scienceJawahar Babu ARajagopal K
16-Feb-2018Development of a pc based predictive tool for multi component chemically reactive fluid flow in d I diesel engine cylindersHema Chandra ReddyRajagopal K
5-Feb-2014Dry deposition modeling of atmospheric particles and seasonal spatial variations of sulphur dioxide concentration in a typical medium level indian city KaraikudiMariraj Mohan SRajagopal K
1-Jan-2015Effect of temperature on Thermodynamic and transport Properties of homologous amino acids And 4 amino butyric acid in aqueous Solutions of metformin hydrochloride And salbutamol sulphateJayabalakrishnan S SRajagopal K
9-Apr-2015Effect of temperature on thermodynamic and transport properties of homologous amino acids and 4amino butyric acid in aqueous solutions of metformin hydrochloride and salbutamol sulphateJayabalakrishnan S SRajagopal K
16-Jul-2013Effect of temperature on thermodynamic properties of amino acids with electrolytes in aqueous mediumEdwin Gladson SRajagopal K
2-Dec-2021Existentialism Materialism and Spiritualism in the Select Novels of R K NarayanRajagopal KKrishnaveni R
16-Feb-2018Investigations on a locally developed low heat rejection di diesel engine with suitability for vegetable oilsSreenivasa Reddy KRajagopal K
16-Feb-2018Investigations to find low odp and low gwp eco friendly refrigerantSenthil Kumar KRajagopal K
22-May-2017Molecular interaction studies of a homologous series of amino acids and histidine in aqueous saccharides solution at different temperaturesJohnson JRajagopal K
21-Nov-2014Studies On The Performance Of Rice Husk Ash And Bagasse Ash Blended Concretes For Durability PropertiesK. GanesanRajagopal K
27-Nov-2014A study on thermodynamic and Transport properties of pure liquids And binary mixtures comprising Homologous polar aprotic liquids with Toluene and 2 methyl 2 propanolChenthilnath SRajagopal K
25-Mar-2019Thermodynamic studies of l phenylalanine lproline and L threonine in aqueous drug solutionsMohamed Roshan MRajagopal K
14-Mar-2019Thermodynamic studies of some amino acids in aqueous drugs solutionRoy Richi Renold GRajagopal K