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15-Dec-2017Adrenal hormone s mediated membrane changes and antioxidant enzyme activity studied in red blood cells in patients following acute myocardial infarctionVeeraraghavan VRadha Shanmugasundaram K
30-Jan-2018Aflatoxin induced oxidant stress in tilapia oreochromis mossambicus controlled by amrita bindu supplementation in the dietKalaimani NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
13-Feb-2019Alterations in blood glucose homeostasis and lipid metabolism in the liver and kidney in diabetes mellitus effect of a ahypoglycaemic extract of gymnema sylvestre R BrVijendran NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
15-Dec-2017Antioxidant and related changes in blood of cigarette smokers and the effects of amrita bindu a health food supplementSharada VenkataramanRadha Shanmugasundaram K
30-Nov-2017Biochemical Changes In Tissues In Experimental Atherosclrosis A Study On The Effect Of Kanthasindooram And ClofibrateJohanna SimonRadha Shanmugasundaram K
13-Apr-2018biochemical studies on lipoprotein abnormalities antioxidant enzymes and related factors in myocardial infarction and during anna pavala sindhooram therapy in ischaemic heart diseaesMuthu RRadha Shanmugasundaram K
13-Apr-2018biochemical studies on the neoplasms in the urinary tractSrikant C BRadha Shanmugasundaram K
15-Dec-2017Calcium And Magnesium Levels In Erythrocytes In Coronary Heart DiseaseSekar CRadha Shanmugasundaram K
29-Jan-2018Excessive formation of free radicals compromised antioxidant status and related changes in red blood cells of children suffering from asthmaSumathy KumarRadha Shanmugasundaram K
23-Mar-2018Higher incidence of coronary mortality in south indians and its relation to fats selenium and the antioxidant vitamins in the dietAnn WilberRadha Shanmugasundaram K
8-Dec-2017Investigations On The Metabolic Alterations Associated With The Control Of Diabetes Mellitus By Gymnema Sylaestre R BrRani Bai A JRadha Shanmugasundaram K
2-Jul-2018Investigations on the Metabolic Alterations associated with the control of Diabetes Mellitus by gymnema sylvestre R BrRani Bai A JRadha Shanmugasundaram K
28-Feb-2018LDL and VLDL oxidations studies in diabetes mellitusJanakarajan V NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
4-Oct-2018Metabolic alteration in some membrane bound cellular components in diabetes mellitus effect of the oral hypoglycemic factor from gymnema sylvestre R BrAsha NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
18-Apr-2018Preliminary investigation on tissue Glycosaminoglycan changes in Alloxan Diabetes during Gymnema sylvostre therapyAsha NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
3-Apr-2018Priliminary studies on the hypoglycemic action of gymnema sylvestrePannerselvam CRadha Shanmugasundaram K
6-Apr-2018Red blood cell membrane changes in cigarette smokersUmamaheswari RRadha Shanmugasundaram K
5-Apr-2018Some studies on the effect of temperature on metabolic activity in a uni and a multicellular organismSelvam RRadha Shanmugasundaram K
13-Mar-2018Studies on Erythrocyte and its Membrane Changes Related to Oxidant Stress and Apoptosis in Diabetes MellitusParamasivam NRadha Shanmugasundaram K
8-Dec-2017Studies On The Changes In Lipid Metabolism During Annapasala Sindheeram Therapy In Experimental HypothyroidismUma RRadha Shanmugasundaram K