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17-Dec-2015Cytochemical studies during germination of rice oryza sativa L under NaCl stressKamath,Shobha JPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Effect of GA3 on germination of paddy oryza sativa L VAR GR 3 under saline conditionAcharya,Ujwala TPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Floral diversity and ecology of few select areas of Gujarat A study using remote sensingShah,Dharmendra GovindlalPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Floristic diversity and ethnobotany of Chhota Udepur forest divisionDesai,Bimal SPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Isolation of hydroxyproline resistant cell lines of riceChauhan,Vyjayanti APrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Nitrate assimilation in rice oryza sativa LINN with special reference to nitrate reductaseGenevieve,MPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Optimization of microtuber production in potato solanum tuberosum LSultana,RebekaPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Physiology of germination of paddy Oryza sativa L VAR Bhura Rata under saline conditionN,SubhashPrathapasenan,G
15-Dec-2015Production of salt tolerant embryoids of rice oryza sativa LJohn,AnjuPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Response of mung bean vigna radiata L wilczek VAR GUJ 2 to 2 chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride CCCT,ShahPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Response of paddy oryza sativa L var GR 3 to saline environmentL,PrakashPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Studies on growth and diosgenin content of tissues of trigonella foenum graecum L cultured in vitroMathew,AlicekuttyPrathapasenan,G
17-Dec-2015Studies on the conversion of cassava meal into single cell protein by candida tropicalisT V,JohnPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Studies on the effect of gibberellic acid on the physiology of germination of cotton gossypium herbaceum L var digvijayDave,Jitendra JayantilalPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Studies on the insect gall of ficus racemosa linnMoghe,Manohar MoreshwarPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Tissue culture studies with selected tree species of GujaratDeshpande,Shubhada RPrathapasenan,G
16-Dec-2015Vegetational and ecological studies of shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuaryG,PradeepkumarPrathapasenan,G