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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Aug-2017A study of prison environment on the personalty traits locus of control burn out of the inmatesYadav, Amar Nath SinghPrasad, Rajendra
12-Dec-2014Biochemical characterization of salt stress in yeastKhaware,Raj kishorPrasad, Rajendra
27-Feb-2014Characterization of candida species isolated from clinical samples with special reference to Candida albicansAli Abdul LattifPrasad, Rajendra
8-May-2017Comparative population biology of desmodium species in alwar distict of rajasthanPrasad, RajendraYadav, Atar Singh
16-Oct-2015Daily variation during the period of sharp changes of cosmic ray intensityPrasad, RajendraYadava, R S
6-Jan-2014Differential regulation of multidrug resistance gene(s) in the clinical isolates of pathogenic yeast Candida albicansManoharlal, RamanPrasad, Rajendra
24-Dec-2013Dissection of biochemical events of yeast cell cycleDudani, Anil KumarPrasad, Rajendra
3-Nov-2020Effect of plant growth regulators application at different growth stages on growth and yield of rice Oryza sativa LPrasad, RajendraKhan, A.H.
24-Mar-2020Effect of selected asanas and physical exercises on Cervical SpondylosisSrivastava, RuchiPrasad, Rajendra
27-Feb-2014Functional analysis of CDR1 gene responsible for antifungal resistance in Candida albicansSaini, PreetiPrasad, Rajendra
18-Sep-2019Inter Institutional Linkage for Financial InclusionPrasad, RajendraAnita Rath
27-Jun-2019Investigation of the properties of the excited levels of radio active nucleiPrasad, RajendraM. L.Sehgal
16-Oct-2015Investigation of the properties of the excited levels of radioactive nucleiPrasad, RajendraSehgal, M L
28-Jul-2014Involvement of lipids in structure and function of yeast membranesTrivedi, AkhileshPrasad, Rajendra; Singhal, G S
25-Feb-2014Lipids in the structure and function of yeast membraneMishra, PrashantPrasad, Rajendra
20-Jan-2014Membrane lipid asymmetry of candida albicans maintained by ABC transportersSmritiPrasad, Rajendra; Upadhyaya, K C
10-Mar-2014Molecular characterisation of CDR1, an ABC multidrug transporter of Candida AlbicansKrishnamurthy, SPrasad, Rajendra
12-Jun-2014Molecular characterization of a novel multidrug resistance gene CaALK8 of candida albicansPanwar, Sneh LataPrasad, Rajendra
4-Feb-2014Molecular typing and drug resistance profiling of candidial infections in burn patientsGupta, Nivedita.Prasad, Rajendra
17-Aug-2017Neurotic trends as related to some community factorsJaiswal, NeelamPrasad, Rajendra