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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Dec-2019Biometrical studies in dahliaJoshi, D P .Prasad, A.
20-Jan-2020Biometrical studies with special reference to malformation in mangoSingh, Ajay .Prasad, A.
20-Jan-2020Control of vegetative growth in grapevine vitis vinifera L by spray application of growth regualtors tipping and topping of shootsNarayan, Jagdish .Prasad, A.
20-Jan-2020Effect of foliar spray of N and K on vegetative flowering fruiting and quality characters of mango with special reference to processingGupta, G. K .Prasad, A.
21-Jan-2020Effect of growth regulators and spray of minor elements on growth and yield of garlic Allium sativum LinnSharma, Vinod Kumar .Prasad, A.
27-Dec-2019Effect of nitrogen seed size density on growth and yield of potato crop raised from F1 C1 seedling tubersNandekar, D. N .Prasad, A.
26-Dec-2019Effect of phosphorus gibberellins and rhizobium inoculation on growth yield and quality of garden pea pisum sativumL cv arkelPrasad, Raj Nath .Prasad, A.
16-Jan-2020Effect of planting geometry bulb size and planting dates on growth yield and quality of seed and determination of selection indices in Allium cepa LAsati, K P .Prasad, A.
8-Jan-2020Genetic variability and divergence studies in gladiolusSingh, Virendra .Prasad, A.
26-Dec-2019Heritability and correlation studies in gladiolusSingh, Sukram Pal .Prasad, A.
19-Feb-2020Morphological and genetical studies in bottle gourd 9lagenaria siceraria mol standlPrasad, Ramjee .Prasad, A.
16-Jan-2020Morphological and genetical studies in floribunda rosesKatiyar, G. P .Prasad, A.
31-Dec-2019Morphological and genetical studies in ginger gingiber officinale roscaeSrivastava, Rakesh .Prasad, A.
24-Dec-2019Morphological and genetical studies in luffa speciesSharma, Chandra Prakash .Prasad, A.
31-Dec-2019Morphological and physico chemical changes during growth and development of mosambi fruit citrus sinensis osbeck with special reference to nitrogen nutritionGovind, Sheo .Prasad, A.
8-Jan-2020Morphological variability and correlation studies in okraTomar, N.S .Prasad, A.
26-Dec-2019Pre and post harvest physiology of loquat eriobotrya japonica lind LTripathi, Narbdeshwar .Prasad, A.
24-Dec-2019Production of herbaceous biomass on substandard soilsChandra, Virendra .Prasad, A.
16-Jan-2020Response of the nitrogen phosphorus and spacing on growth yield quality of turmeric curcuma longa LSagar, Ram .Prasad, A.
26-Dec-2019Selection parameters and divergence for vegetative and tuber traits in potatoBajpai, Atal Bihari .Prasad, A.