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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Jul-2010Controlled release fertilizer formulations based on polymers.Abraham, JoshuaPillai, V N Rajasekharan
21-Jul-2010Crosslinked polymer-supported ligands as complexing agents for metal ions: effect of the variables of macromolecular structure on complexationMathew, BeenaPillai, V N Rajasekharan
5-Mar-2013Metal complexing behaviour of crosslinked Polymeric LigandsThomas, DominicPillai, V N Rajasekharan
3-Aug-2010Molecular rearrangements in crosslinked macromolecular matricesKuriakose, SunnyPillai, V N Rajasekharan
4-Aug-2010Molecular rearrangements in polymer matricesMathew, G D GemPillai, V N Rajasekharan
4-Aug-2010Polymer supported solid phase acylation reactionsNair, K P SukumaranPillai, V N Rajasekharan
5-Aug-2010Polymer-supported solid phase reactions using N-Vinyl pyrrolidone derived polymersJacob, SunilPillai, V N Rajasekharan
3-Aug-2010Polymeric analogues of t-butyl hypohalites as solid phase organic reagentsSreekumar, KPillai, V N Rajasekharan
3-Aug-2010Polymeric permanganate, dichromate and chlorochromate: resins derived from crosslinked polyvinylpyrrolidonesZacharias, JosePillai, V N Rajasekharan
28-Jan-2013Polymeric reagents based on cross-linked copolymers of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone and 4- Vinyl pyridineSreedhar, K.MPillai, V N Rajasekharan
30-Jul-2010Polymeric solid-phase reagents for organic synthesisSudhakaran, K VPillai, V N Rajasekharan
14-Jul-2010Role of hydrophilicity-hydrophobicity balance of the polymeric supports in solid phase peptide synthesisChandy, Mathew CPillai, V N Rajasekharan
29-Jul-2010Solid phase peptide synthesis using glycerol based cross linked polymer supportsSasikumar, P GPillai, V N Rajasekharan
26-Jul-2010Solid phase synthesis of somatostatin analogue peptides on polystyrene-1,6-hexanediol diacrylate supportPanikar, BinduPillai, V N Rajasekharan
5-Aug-2010Solid-phase synthesis of hydrophobic peptides using flexible crosslinked polymeric supportArunan, CPillai, V N Rajasekharan
3-Aug-2010Structure reactivity correlations in polymer slipported oxidation reactionsKoshy, Ebey PPillai, V N Rajasekharan
13-Aug-2010Structure reactmty studies in crosslinked functionalised polymer supports and their applications in peptiide synthesisKoruthu, Desy PPillai, V N Rajasekharan
14-Jul-2010Synthesis of bio-active peptides on a new, flexible, chemically insert1, 4 butanediol dimethacrylate cross-linked polystyrene supportMichael, RoicePillai, V N Rajasekharan
13-Aug-2010Synthesis of neurotensin peptide analogues on hydrophilic polymer supportsSubashchandran, K PPillai, V N Rajasekharan
3-Aug-2010Synthesis of thioredoxin partial sequences on a hydrophilic crosslinked polymeric supportVarkey, Jaya TPillai, V N Rajasekharan