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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Nov-2010Application of the photoacoustic technique for imaging and thermal characterisation of solid samplesSudhakaran, A APhilip, Jacob
23-Apr-2012Design and development of instrumentation systems to determine the dry rubber content in natural rubber latexReji Kumar, RPhilip, Jacob
18-Jan-2016Development of selected electro active polymer ceramic nanocomposites as pyroelectric thermal infrared detector materialsJayalakshmy, M SPhilip, Jacob
31-Dec-2012Elastic constants and structural parameters of selected Polycrystalline Ceramics by ultrasonic techniqueGeorge, VimalaPhilip, Jacob
27-Dec-2012Investigation of thermal and elastic properties of selected high Tc superconductorsKala M SPhilip, Jacob
9-Jan-2013Investigations of phase transitions in selected high Tc superconductors and ferroelectrics using ultrasonic techniqueSreekumar RPhilip, Jacob
11-Nov-2010Nonlinear optical properties of selected laser dyes investigated using photoacoustic, fluorscience and stimulated scatteringPhilip, RejiPhilip, Jacob
11-Nov-2010Optical and thermal properties of selected ternary amorphous semiconductorsNandakumar, KPhilip, Jacob
11-Nov-2010Photoacoustic investigation of phase transitions in selected solidsIsaac, JohneyPhilip, Jacob
12-Nov-2010Photoacoustic investigation of critically in thermal and optical properties of selected amorphous semiconductorsThomas, SheenuPhilip, Jacob
9-Nov-2011Photopyroelectric study of thermal properties and phase transitions in selected solidsMenon C, PreethyPhilip, Jacob
30-Aug-2012Realization of a scanning photoacoustic technique thermal properties of bulk and film samplesRaghu OPhilip, Jacob
12-Nov-2010Synthesis and physical characterisation of doped conducting polyaromatic aminesJoseph, M JPillai, P Madhavan; Philip, Jacob
9-Jan-2013Thermal conduction in polymeric nanofluids and nanosolids controlled by interfacial scattering solutions to some selected problemsNisha M RPhilip, Jacob
3-Oct-2012Thermal transport properties of selected ferroelectrics mixed valance perovskites and dielectric ceramics using photopyroelectric techniqueManjusha M VPhilip, Jacob
14-Oct-2011Thermal transport, photoconduction and electrical switching in selected chalcogenide glasses exhibiting carrier type reversalRajesh RPhilip, Jacob
24-Dec-2012Ultrasonic measurement of the elastic constants of selected nonlinear optical semiorganic crystals with orthorhmbic symmetryAlex A VPhilip, Jacob
20-Apr-2012Ultrasonic study of the elastic properties and phase transitions in selected mixed Sulphate crystalsGodfrey, LPhilip, Jacob