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24-Sep-2014Development of new organic synthetic methods based on borance catecholborane reagents and resolution of racemic diolsBhanu prasad, Appana SPeriasamy, M
24-Sep-2014Development of new organic synthetic methods based on transitionmetal reagents and aromatic radical anionsReddy,MalladiramaPeriasamy, M
7-Apr-2011Development of new organotitanium intermediates for applications in organic synthesis using the TiCl4/R3N reagent systemBharathi, PandiPeriasamy, M
14-Jul-2016Development of organic synthetic methods for N arylation and for synthesis of chiral propargylamines and chiral allenesAlakonda, Laxman MPeriasamy, M
6-Apr-2011Development of organic synthetic methods using cobalt carbony reagentsRajesh, TPeriasamy, M
23-Sep-2014Development of organic synthetic methods using cobalt carbonyl reagentsRajesh, TPeriasamy, M
19-Sep-2014Development of organic synthetic methods using iron carbonyl reagentsRadhakrishnan, UPeriasamy, M
22-Sep-2014Development of organic synthetic methods via Borane Lodoboranes and chiral amine borane ComplexesReddy, KishanPeriasamy, M
25-Sep-2014Development of organotitanium reagents:applications of titanium arylamine, enolate and enamine derivatives inorganic synthesisNeela, KishorebabuPeriasamy, M
22-Sep-2014Investigation of the reactivities of organocobal reagents generated utilizing the cocl2,nabh4 systemSatyanarayana, NPeriasamy, M
24-Sep-2014Investigation on the development of organic synthetic methods from catecholeorane and aryloxyborane derivativesYantrapragada, SuseelaPeriasamy, M
24-Sep-2014New organic synthetic methods usingtitanium reagents synthetic transformation of alkynes, propargyl alcohols and pinacolsKarunakar, Galla VPeriasamy, M
7-Apr-2011New reactive iron carbonyl reagents for applications in organic synthesisRameshkumar, CPeriasamy, M
12-Jul-2016New reactive iron carbonyl reagents for double carbonylation of alkynes and new synthetic methods using cyclobutenediones and aromatic diketonesMallesh, BeesuPeriasamy, M
22-Sep-2014New synthetic method via transition metal organometallic reagents generated utilizing combinations ofMXn NaBH4, MgH2,RMgX and magnesiumRao Sidduri, AchyuthaPeriasamy, M
6-Jan-2017Regiochemical and stereochemical studies on some alicyclic compoundsPeriasamy, MPonnuswamy, A
25-Sep-2014Stereoselective cc bond forming reactions using titanium reagents: synthesis of chiral B amino esters, B lectams 3 aryl amineds, 1 2 diamines and coumarin derivativesSurisetti, SureshPeriasamy, M
24-Sep-2014Studies on the reaction of alkynes with iron carbonyl reagents and applications of cyclobutenediones in organic synthesisMukkanti, AmerePeriasamy, M
14-Aug-2012Studies on the reactive organotitanium intermediates and chiral 1,1′-Binaphthyl-2,2′-diamine derivativesGanesan, SelvaPeriasamy, M
7-Apr-2011Studies on the resolution of racemic 1,1'-Bi-2-naphthol and applications of chiral 1,1'-Bi-2-naphthyl borate complexes in asymmetric organic transformationsVenkatraman, LPeriasamy, M