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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Apr-2017Aathave dashak ke Hindi aanchalik upanyason me chitrit samajPatil, S ASvami, Eresh
20-Feb-2017Compositional dependence of physical properties of spinel ferritesChaudhari, S CPatil, S A
9-Jun-2016Development and evaluation of controlled release formulations using biodegradable polymersMundargi, Raghavendra CPatil, S A
5-Oct-2016Development of polymeric membranes and their evaluation for liquid and gas transport propertiesPatil, Mallikarjunagouda BPatil, S A
20-Feb-2017Effect of divalent and tetravalent substitution on the electrical and magnetic properties of Ni-Zn ferritesBhise, B VPatil, S A
23-Feb-2017Neutron diffraction studies on tetravalent substituted Mg-Zn and Ni-Zn ferritesGhatage, A KPatil, S A
8-Jun-2016Spectrochemical and magnetochemical studies of some metal complexesMetri, Roopa MPatil, S A
16-Mar-2017Structural electrical and magnetic properties of tetravalent ion substituted Cd Ni ferritesPatil, M GPatil, S A
13-Jun-2016Studies on coordination compounds of Schiff basesAvaji, Prakash GoudaPatil, S A
23-Jun-2016Studies on metal complexes of coumarin schiff basesUnki, Shrishila NingappaPatil, S A
28-Feb-2017Studies on physical properties of Cu-Mg, Cu-Fe and Mg-Fe ferritesPatil, A NPatil, S A
20-Feb-2017Studies on physical properties of Cux Fe3-x O4 ferritesPatil, S APatil, R N
28-Feb-2017Studies on physical properties of some ferroelectric-ferrite composites.Mahajan, R PPatil, S A
28-Feb-2017Studies on physical properties of tetravalent ion substituted copper ferritePatil, B LPatil, S A
16-Mar-2017Studies on the physical properties of ferrite ferroelectric compositesKothale, M BPatil, S A
28-Feb-2017Synthesis and characterisation of magnetoelectric compositesPatankar, K KPatil, S A
10-Jun-2016Synthesis and characterization of coordination compounds with schiff bases of heterocycles of biological interestReddy, Bhimanagowdra NagarajaPatil, S A
5-Oct-2016Synthesis and characterization of hydrogels for drug delivery applicationsRokhade, Ajit PPatil, S A
10-Jun-2016Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of metal complexesNaik, Vinod HPatil, S A
21-Mar-2017Synthesis characterisation and studies of cadmium mixed ferrites with tetravalent substitutionMahajan, V CPatil, S A