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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Mar-2016Application of well characterized e bean evaporated WSe2 thin films in schottky barrier diodesPatel, Mayurkumar MPatel, K D
29-Dec-2014Growth and characterization of nano crystalline p-SnSe thin films for its use in p-SnSe/n-MoSe2 Hetrojunction DiodeHingarajiya, Keyurkumar SPatel, K D
6-Mar-2013Growth and characterization of Zinc Monochalcogenide Crystals and thin filmsGandhi, Jayeshkumar RajendrakumarPatel, K D
14-Mar-2016Studies on schottky barrier devices prepared from well characterised tungsten diselenide crystals grown by DVT techniquePatel, Chandrakant APatel, K D
11-Feb-2015Studies on some drug based mixed ligand metal complexesPatel, Jitenkumar ChimanbhaiPatel, K D
11-Feb-2015Studies on well characterized thermally evaporated snse thin films for schottky barrier device applicationPatel, Kirankumar KPatel, K D
27-Apr-2015Synthesis and characterization of unsaturated polyester resin for some speciality applicationPatel, Ravi BachubhaiPatel, K D
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of coordination compounds based on mixed ligandsChauhan, Gautambhai RatansinhPatel, K D
27-Apr-2015Synthesis characterization and biological aspects of some drug based coordination compoundsDholariya, Hiteshkumar RameshbhaiPatel, K D
11-Feb-2015Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of coumarin derivatives and their heterochelatesPatel, Ketankumar ShantibhaiPatel, K D