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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Mar-2013Biochemical and molecular evaluation of castor bean breeding lines for Fusarium wiltTrivedi, Shraddha DPatel, K C; Subramanian, R B
10-Mar-2016Biotechnological production of poly 3 hydroxyalkanoates PHAs and poly 3 mercaptopropionate poly 3MPThakor, Nehal SPatel, K C
9-Dec-2013In vitro and in silico studies of some wild medicinal plants from North Gujarat forest areas for therapeutic purposePatel, Nikunjkumar BhikhabhaiPatel, K C
11-Mar-2016Novel ECO friendly textile dyes and biosurfactants production characterization and applicationNatwarlal, Dangi HasitkumarPatel, K C
10-Mar-2016On some problems of porous metal lubricationPatel, Kantibhai CPatel, K C
11-Feb-2015Production characterization and application of exopolysaccharide from cellulomonas flavigena unp3Sushma, Deepthi APatel, K C
11-Mar-2016Studies on lignolytic enzymes of a basidiomycete BDT 14 and its use in bioremediationTrivedi, Bina DPatel, K C
21-Oct-2011Studies on synthesis of reactive dyes based on quinazolinone moiety and their dyeing performance on various fibresPatel, Divyesh RPatel, K C
21-Oct-2011Synthesis and characterization of novel heterocyclic compounds bearing sydnone moiety as potential antimicrobial agentsAsundaria, Shahrukh TPatel, K C
30-Jul-2015Synthesis and studies of some novel heterocyclic compounds and their biological activitiesPatel, Himanshu DPatel, K C
9-May-2015Synthesis of medicinally important heterocyclic compounds containing sydnone moietyPatel, Yogesh MPatel, K C
8-Oct-2015Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial screening of some sulfonamide and methylene based sydnonesSavaliya, Piyush PPatel, K C
20-Apr-2012Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel analogues of Sydnone derivativesPatel, Shreyas APatel, K C