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16-Mar-2018Development of improved intercalated anodes using surface modified carbon materials for Li_ion secondary batteriesVenkatesh, RParuthimal Kalaignan, G
13-Feb-2017Electrochemical characterization and Tribological behaviours if Ni W Polymeric Nanocomposite Coatings prepared by direct and Pulse current deposition methods for the Industrial ApplicationsSangeetha,SParuthimal Kalaignan, G
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical characterization of Ni_Co nanocomposite prepared by pulse_pulse reversal and direct current plating for the industrial applicationsRanjith, BParuthimal Kalaignan, G
28-Feb-2018Electrochemical characterizations of nickel nanocomposite coatings prepared by pulse current and direct current plating methods for the industrial applicationsKasturibai, SParuthimal Kalaignan, G
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies on the development of nickel and its alloy plating in acetate based bathsMarikkannu, KRParuthimal Kalaignan, G
14-Dec-2015Evaluation of physico chemical characteristics of ground water resources in and around Krishnagiri districtSuganandam, KParuthimal Kalaignan, G
16-Mar-2018Studies on the effective decolourisation and removal of pollutants from pulp and paper industrial effluent by chemical and electrochemical techniquesGnanasekaran, AParuthimal Kalaignan, G
14-Dec-2015Studies on the electrodeposition of nano Ni W alloy and its composite coatings prepared by direct pulse and pulse reverse current methodsArunsunai Kumar, KParuthimal Kalaignan, G
16-Mar-2018Study of water pollution problems in and around Hosur due to the existence of industriesPragathiswaran, CParuthimal Kalaignan, G
16-Mar-2018Synthesis and characterization of nano_crystalline LiMxMn2_xO4_M_Co_Cr_Sr_Mg and Nd_cathode materials for high voltage lithium_ion batteriesSuryakala, KParuthimal Kalaignan, G
21-May-2020Synthesis and characterization of transition metal sulfide for supercapacitor applicationsNaveenkumar, PParuthimal Kalaignan, G
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterizations of carbon supported nanocomposite electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applicationsNagarajan, MParuthimal Kalaignan, G
20-Mar-2018Synthesis and electrochemical characterizations of substituted and surface modified nano structured Li_Mn_O spinel cathode materials for rechargeable lithium battery energy storage devicesArumugam, DParuthimal Kalaignan, G
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and electrochemical characterizations of substituted and surface modified nanostructure Li M O M Ni Mn cathode materials for rechargeable Lithium ion batteriesMohan, PParuthimal Kalaignan, G