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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Mar-2016Development of metal substituted mesoporous MCM 41 molecular sieves for catalytic applicationsSelvaraj, MPandurangan, A
16-Nov-2017Manganese incorporated mesoporous silicates for oxyfunctionalisation of hydrocarbonsG, ImranPandurangan, A
17-Oct-2014Mesoporous mcm 41 supported metal oxides and phosphotungstic acid catalysts for chemical transformationsRajasekar, KPandurangan, A
18-Mar-2016Quinolinium fluorochromate and quinolinium bromochromate new reagents for the oxidation of organic compounds synthetic and kinetic studiesPandurangan, AMurugesan, V
17-Oct-2016Some applications of Markov dependent sampling scheme in SQCPandurangan, AMuthu, C
25-Jun-2013A study on process variability using cusum and fuzzy control chartsVaradharajan, RPandurangan, A
4-Mar-2016Synthesis and characterisation of bimetallic MCM 41 molecular sieves and their catalytic activity in the alkylation of phenol and aromatic hydrocarbonsSavidha, RPandurangan, A
31-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterisation of MCM 41 supported HPW and metal oxide catalysts their catalytic evaluation in organic transformationsAjaikumar, SPandurangan, A
31-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterization of Mcm 41 and its supported catalysts their application to fine chemical SynthesisUdayakumar, SPandurangan, A
17-Oct-2014Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous mcm 41 molecular sieves their catalytic activity in organic functional group protection and transformationsNedumaran, DPandurangan, A
10-Mar-2016Synthesis characterisation and catalytic activity of hydrotalcite like compounds layered double hydroxideManivannan, RPandurangan, A
16-Nov-2017Transesterification esterification acetylation reactions using NanomaterialS, KanimozhiPandurangan, A
15-Mar-2018V PD and HF Nanoparticles introduced in SBA 15 catalyst their applications in transesterification Suzuki coupling and acetalization reactionsV, UdayakumarPandurangan, A
19-Mar-2019Vapour phase hydrodeoxygenation of methoxy functional compounds over noble and transition metal supported mesostructured catalystsP, SudhakarPandurangan, A