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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Mar-2019Photo Induced Electron Tranfer Reation of Poly Nuclear Complexes of Ru2 Co2 and Os2Garima MishraPandey I M
8-Jul-2019Photochemistry of Metal Carbonyl of High Valent Complexes of Rehenium and OsmiumGulati VandanaPandey I M
15-Mar-2019Photophysics Spectroscopic Crytallographic and Theroratical Studies of Mixed Metal M Ru Os and Ir Carbonyl ClustersShukla NeelimaPandey I M
17-Jun-2019Recent Studies in Light Harvesting Dendrimer Porphyrins as New PhotosensitizersMishra Alok KumarPandey I M
31-Jan-2020Recent Studies of Intramolecular Photoinduced Charge Tranfer in Dyad Triad Supramolecular Assemblies Based on Ru 2 AND Ir 3 ComplexesShukla Pavanesh KumarPandey I M
29-Apr-2019Recent Trends In Photoelectrochemical Cleavage Of Water Ru 3 Ru 4 Complexes As PhotosensitizersTripathi Rajesh KumarPandey I M
15-Mar-2019Recent Trends in Photophysical and Chemical Studies for High Valent Rhenium and Osmium Complexes with Bridging LigandsTewari Hari DarshanPandey I M
26-Jun-2019Recent Trends in Photophysical And Photo Chemical Behaviour of Metallo Dendrimers of Ru 2 Os 2 and Ir 3 Complexes Based on Multidentate LigandsSingh Anand KumarPandey I M
16-Mar-2019Status of Pollution in Selected Rivers of Ghaghra Basin of Eastern Uttar PradeshSingh Sanjay Krishna KumarPandey I M
21-Aug-2019Structural and Photo Physical Characterization of Supramolecular Covalently Linked Multichromophore Quencher Assemblies of Metallo Polypyridyl Metalloporphyrin and Pyrene UnitsSingh SadhanaPandey I M
31-Jan-2020Studies on Ultrafast Energy Electron Transfer in Multichromophoric Light Harvesting Metallo Supramolecular Triagles Squares and CatenanaesKaur JasmeetPandey I M
6-Mar-2019Supramolecular Photophysics and Photochemistry of Ru 2 Os 2 Re 2 and Cr 3 ComplexesMishra SaurabhPandey I M
1-Mar-2019The Molecular Photo Chemical Devices on Cage Type of Metal ComplexVerma SmritiPandey I M