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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
9-Jun-2017A hypothesls concerning the aspectual nature of the passive as a language Universal with special reference to English and Marathi passivesMadhav, PrakashPandey, Sudhakar
4-Apr-2017A journey in evolution_ perspectives on Doris Lessings major fictionKumar, AlkaPandey, Sudhakar
22-Sep-2017A stylistic analysis of Bhabani Bhattacharya s novelsAston, Nathan MPandey, Sudhakar
24-Jul-2017A stylistic analysis of Chinua Achebes novelsNetrakanti, Vidya SPandey, Sudhakar
18-Aug-2017A stylistic analysis of Raja Rao s novelsDeshpande, J BPandey, Sudhakar
5-Apr-2017Adverbials of time and place in English and Marathi _ a study in systemic grammarMali, Arun NPandey, Sudhakar
12-Mar-2014ARCHAEOLOGY OF VIDISA DISTRICTTripathi, Krishna kumarPandey, Sudhakar
21-Oct-2015Archaeology of Vidisa DistrictTripathi, Krishna KumarPandey, Sudhakar
18-May-2016Ganga and Yamuna in Sanskrit literature and art from rgvedic times upto C 1200 A DPandey, SudhakarPandey, V C
27-Jul-2015The kalachuris of ratanpurPandey, Sudhakarn.d.
28-Mar-2017Locative possessive and existential constructions in English and HindiSharma, Rameshwar PrasadPandey, Sudhakar
10-Apr-2017Style in Indian fiction in English_ a study in politeness strategiesPatil, Z NPandey, Sudhakar
29-Aug-2016The Ganga and Yamuna in Sanskrit literature and art from Rgvedic times upto C 1200 A DPandey, SudhakarN D, N D
29-Mar-2017The influence of the seventeenth century metaphysicals on modern poetryMurthi, M SPandey, Sudhakar
29-Mar-2017The structure of the noun phrase in English and MarathiSonar, D KPandey, Sudhakar
28-Mar-2017The structure of the noun phrase in English and MarathiSonar, D KPandey, Sudhakar
18-Aug-2017The use of fantasy in Doris Lessing s fictionNongrang, EvashishaPandey, Sudhakar
12-May-2017Transformation of encounters into complex metaphors a study of evelyn waughs travel inspired novelsNewaliya, N NPandey, Sudhakar
28-Mar-2017Transitivity relations in English and Hindi_ a study in systemic grammar with particular attention to action process clausesPandey, SudhakarVarma, S K