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10-Jun-2016A comparative study of philosophical and education views of Maharshi Aurobindo Rabindranath Tagore and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan with reference to values of lifeGurunathrao, Kulkarni KrishnaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016A study of cognitive styles scientific aptitude creativity and personality in relation to Science achievement of high average low and under achievers in secondary schoolskumar, K S AnilPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016A study of contributing factors in relation to Mathematics achievement of students of Sainik schoolsKhan, Kabuli Mohammed AslamPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
23-Jun-2016A study of educational perceptions in relation to academic achievement of Shiksha Snatak students of Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar SabhaHydarbasha, Niragudi SahebaliPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016A study of emotional intelligence burnout adjustment needs and personality needs and creativity of effective and non effective Science teachers of central government and state government secondary schoolsKrishnappa, V KPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Administrative and academic functioning of secondary teacher training colleges in Karnataka stateGovind, Raikar SubrayPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016An exploratory study of anxiety proneness emotional intelligence adjustment problems and cognitive styles in relation to academic achievement of pre university studentsBai, SarojaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016An investigation into the causes of underachievement in secondary school MathematicsPanchalingappa, Shahapur NagappaPatted, G M
10-Jun-2016Effect of concept mapping on Science achievement of secondary school students as moderated by cognitive ability problem solving and scientific aptitudeChandra, T DineshPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Effect of the synectics models of teaching on the development of language creativity in Hindi amongst the students of Hindi B ED collegesShinde, Sudhakar NingappaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Effectiveness of advance organizer model in attainment of meaningful information and ideasMahaningappa, Limakar AshokPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Effectiveness of computer multimedia interactive strategy on achievement in geography of secondary school studentsChannabasappa, Doddamani GiriyappaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Effectiveness of inquiry training model and biological Science inquiry model on scientific aptitude and achievement in biological Science of Sainik school studentsRao, C RamaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
23-Jun-2016Effectiveness of synectics model of teaching on the development of English language creativity in school levelM, VaniPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Effectiveness of the synectics model of teaching interms of instructional and nurturant effectsNagappa, Arkasali RavindraPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
9-Jun-2016Relationship between educational perceptions of student teachers in colleges of education affiliated to Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha and their academic achievementNayak, Chitra VasudevPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
9-Jun-2016Relative effectiveness of computer assisted and conventional instruction in terms of achievement and retention in Mathematics of secondary school studentsK, RaghuPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa
10-Jun-2016Teaching competencies of primary school teachers in relation to their job satisfaction locus of control and professional burnoutShivalli, Nagaraj MurigeppaPanchalingappa, Shahapur Nagappa