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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Aug-2018Analytical biochemistry of glycosaminoglycansRoy, AmalenduPal, M K
22-Sep-2017ATDHF theory and its applicationsMukhopadhyay, Ajay KumarPal, M K
2-Aug-2018Binding of metal ions and dyes by Teichoic acid VIS A VIS DNADas, SandhyaPal, M K
20-Aug-2018Biological implications of metal ion chelation by phytinSarkar, SibaniPal, M K
20-Aug-2018Effect of DNA and other polyanions on the EDTA induced photoreduction of thionineManna, Pravash ChandraPal, M K
3-Aug-2018Metachromasia of cationic dyes induced by inorganic saltsAsh, Sudhir KumarPal, M K
3-Aug-2018Metachromasia of cyanine dyes induced by synthetic polyanions and DNAGhosh, Bijan KumarPal, M K
21-Jun-2017Physico chemical studies of some natural and modified polysaccharides and their anticoagulant propertiesBhattacharyya, Asok KumarPal, M K
27-Aug-2018Physiochemical studies of interactions between biopolyanions and Counterions including drug moleculesYadav, Ram ChandraPal, M K
22-Sep-2017Quasiparticle method and nuclear collective statesGambhir, Yogendra KumarPal, M K
7-Aug-2018Studies on biopolyanions Separation of hyaluronate chondroitin sulfate heparin and deoxyribonucleic acidNath, JagannathPal, M K
3-Aug-2018Studies on metachromatic dye polyanion interactionsChaudhuri, Manju Biswas neePal, M K
2-Aug-2018Studies on Teichoic acidGhosh, Tapash ChandraPal, M K
8-Aug-2018Studies on the interactions of polyanions with cationic proteinsGhosh, Amit KumarPal, M K
20-Jun-2017Study of collective states in nucleiRudra, NanditaPal, M K
22-Sep-2017Two phonon vibrations of spherical nucleiRaj, RamPal, M K