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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
5-Sep-2018A Study on the impact of finance commission's fiscal transfers to southern statesSanthakumar GNatarajan P
30-Jan-2017Antibacterial antifungal and antiviral activity of marine spongesRobert Vethanayagam RNatarajan P
4-Apr-2018Encapsulation of acridine phenazine dyes and titaniumdioxide nanoparticles in mesoporous host materials synthesis characterisation photophysics and photosensitisation studiesAnanthanarayanan KNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Epiphytism Allelopathy and Antibiosis of Selected Indian Marine FloraNeena K RNatarajan P
16-Mar-2017Fauna Associated with Marine Plants with Special Emphasis on Plant Herbivore InteractionBeni Giraspy D ANatarajan P
24-Jul-2017Influence of environmental parameters on estuarine biodiversity and germplasm conservation of Arius arius Hamilton Buchanan and Glossogobius Giuris Hamilton BuchananLeena Grace BNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Influence of environmental parameters on the plankton dynamics of Cape Comorin coastWalter C SNatarajan P
5-Aug-2019Photochemistry of some tetradentate schiff base ligands and their manganese III complexesRajendiran S NNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Pollution stress and disease manifestation in fishJisha JacobNatarajan P
31-Jan-2019Screening isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from marine organismsNeena Suzzan JoshuaNatarajan P
16-Mar-2017Studies on certain aspects on the culture of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium idella Hilgendorf 1898Jayalakshmi BNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on certain aspects on the culture of the pearl spot Etroplus Suratensis BlochMarie J Shiranee PereiraNatarajan P
16-Mar-2017Studies on indigenous ornamental fishes along Trivandrum and its environsJomol AntonyNatarajan P
24-Jul-2017Studies on Myxosporidian Parasites of Glossogobius giuris Hamilton 1822 with Special Reference to Host Parasite RelationshipNandini N JNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on the isopod fish parasites of Kerala and environsLaila Beevi MNatarajan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on the parasites and diseases of the bagrid catfishes of the genus mystus scopoliBeena V SNatarajan P
21-Mar-2017Studies on the parasitic copepods with special reference to host parasite relationshipNatarajan PBalakrishnan Nair N
28-Jul-2017Studies on the physico chemical and biological characteristics of Thengapatnam estuary along the south west coast of IndiaVasantha RNatarajan P
18-Jun-2019Studies on the primary Photochemical reactions and Oxygenation of Photoproduced Species from AlkylcobaloximesSelvaraj SNatarajan P
29-May-2019syntheses thermal and photochemical reactions of some acida cobalt 111 EDTA complexesBalakrishnan NNatarajan P