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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-May-2016Chemistry of compounds containing sulphur oxygen bondSharma, Surinder KumarNarula, S P
4-May-2016Chemistry of some hypervalent organo organoxy silicon compoundsKumar, ManishNarula, S P
4-May-2016Coordination Chemistry of some organoxy silicon compounds containing silicon nitrogen bondsKumar, ArunNarula, S P
4-May-2016Molecular and x ray structure of some dibutyltin IV carboxylates and related derivativesBharadwaj, Shashi KantNarula, S P
21-Apr-2016Physico chemical studies of electrolytes in mixed solventsGuraya, Piara SinghNarula, S P
5-May-2016Reactions of organoxy organo organoxy silicon compounds containing Si N bond with lewis acidsShankar, RaviNarula, S P
4-May-2016Some aspects of organotin ChemistryWalia, RitaNarula, S P
4-May-2016Some Chemistry of organoxy organo organoxy silicon compounds containing Si N bond s and the related derivativesMalhotra, RajeshNarula, S P
4-May-2016Some investigations on the donor acceptor reactions of organoxy organoxy organo amino silanesKapur, NeetaNarula, S P
4-May-2016Studies on transition metal derivatives of halosubstituted trialkyl phosphates and related compoundsSharma, Rajeev KumarNarula, S P
21-Apr-2016Syntheses and characterization of some mixed organic organotin IV sulphites sulphonates and related ester derivativesKaur, SukhjeevanNarula, S P
21-Apr-2016Syntheses characterisation and reactivity of organotin IV estersVerma, SushmaNarula, S P
27-Jun-2016Synthesis and reactivity of organoxy organo organoxy organo germanium IV and silicon IV derivativesSajeev, SoniNarula, S P
4-May-2016Synthesis and structure determination of organotin esters and related derivativesSharda, YashNarula, S P