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27-Apr-2016Development and studies of the mechanical properties of kapok based hybrid composites with unsaturated polyester resinReddy,G. VenkataNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Development and testing of polyester based sisal kevlar and sisal carbon fibre reinforced hybrid compositesKhanam,P. NoorunnisaNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Development of blends of EVA HIPS high impact polystyrene and SBS block copolymers for enhancing toughness of high glass HIPS to ESC agentsNath,N. C. BhogendraNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Mechanical and thermal properties of unsaturated polyester resin based sisal glass fibre reinforced hybrid compositesNaidu,V. Naga PrasadNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Preparation and characterisation of sisal fiber reinforced composites for advanced applicationsPadmavathi,T.Naidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Solution blends and sisal glass hybrid composites of unsaturated polyester resinJohn,K.Naidu,S. Venkata
18-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies in bio and synthetic polymersNaidu,S. VenkataMurthy,V. Rama
27-Apr-2016Study on mechanical properties of silk sisal hybrid compositesRaghu,K.Naidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of acrylic emulsions their evaluation as pressure sensitive adhesivesReddy,V. SivaprasadNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of functional acrylic copolymersReddy,G. JayasimhaNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of green polymers for water treatment and antimicrobial applicationsKumar,N. MithilNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of poly N4 substituted phenyl acrylamide precursorsReddy,G. JayasimhaNaidu,S. Venkata
27-Apr-2016Synthesis characterization and mechanical properties of lignin modified phenol formaldehyde resins as wood adhesivesBharathi,Y. SivaNaidu,S. Venkata