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27-Nov-2012Algebraic properties of Q-fuzzy group, M-fuzzy group, fuzzy S-semi group, intuitionistic fuzzy group, and S-anti fuzzy left H-ideal over fuzzy group, near ring and hemi ringNagarajan, RSolairaju,. A
1-Jul-2016Earnings mobility and segmentation in Coimbatore urban labour marketNagarajan, RArumugam, P
17-Oct-2016Factors influencing the waterbird populations with special emphasis on the greater flamingo _Phoenicopterus ruber roseus Pallas 1811_ in the Eastern part of the great Vedaranyam swamp point Calimere wildlife and bird sanctuary Southern IndiaSumathi, TNagarajan, R
21-Mar-2016Geochemistry and depositional environment of neoproterozoic sediments of bhima basin northern Karnataka south IndiaNagarajan, RNagendra, R
10-Oct-2016Landholding and fertility in an agrarian community of Tamil Nadu IndiaNagarajan, RKulkarni, P M
14-Oct-2016Nest characteristics productivity and nestling growth pattern of the Barn Owl Tyto alba stertens Hartert 1929 in an agro_environment of Tamil nadu Southern IndiaNagarajan, RNatarajan, R
14-Jul-2016Palladium and copper mediated synthesis of Quino isochromeno pyrimido indeno and cyclopentacarbazolone derivativesSreenivas, Devanga KNagarajan, R
27-Apr-2021Perceived value and aspiration for children and fertility behaviour in a declining fertility regime A study of rural Uttar PradeshChauhan, Bal GovindNagarajan, R
17-Jun-2015Studies on dietary supplementation of spirulina on Chosen physiological and reproductive parameters in red swordtail xiphophorus helleriNagarajan, RJames, R
24-Feb-2015Studies on the synthesis of some novel fluoride host lattices fluoride doped oxides and their applicationsAhmad, ShahzadNagarajan, R
14-Apr-2020Supply and Demand Gap in Mental Health A Study of Patients from YMH PuneVartak, AnilNagarajan, R
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of heteroaryl annulated carbazoles and indolesMeesala, RamuNagarajan, R
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of heteroarylcarbazoles ellipticine pyranocarbazole chromenylcarbazole and carbazolocarbazole derivativesChaitanya, T KrishnaNagarajan, R
18-Jul-2016Synthesis of pyrrolo pyrido quino indolo carbazole derivatives and bouchardatine alkaloidNagarajan, RViji, Mayavan
13-Feb-2017Young married womens space in determining their reproductive and infant health a study of Gajapati District OdishaNayak, HiralalNagarajan, R