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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Oct-2014Heteroepitaxial growth of zinc arsenide on gallium arsenide and indium phosphide on siliconNagarajan, MBaskar, K
4-Jul-2016Language policy and planning in India with special reference to the state of TamilnaduSasisekaran, TNagarajan, M
18-Oct-2016Learner empowerment dynamism and curricular autonomy _ a review of the ESL curricula in autonomous colleges affiliated to Bharathidasan University TiruchirappalliKaladharan, RNagarajan, M
24-Jul-2014Namakkal maavattam minnampalli kamatchi amman koiloru aaivuArumugam, KNagarajan, M
5-Apr-2011Nucleophilic ring opening studies on Benzyl AnhydroribopyranosidesVasudeva, P KNagarajan, M
13-Feb-2015A Scientometric Analysis of the Trends in Malaria ResearchMeena, MNagarajan, M
17-Dec-2015Stock structure analysis of spotted murrel channa punctatus bloch 1793 using molecular genetic markersNagarajan, MHannifa, M A
17-Mar-2011Studies in supramolecular chemistry synthesis and host guest interactions of some oxygen macrocycles and podandsManjula, ANagarajan, M
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterizations of carbon supported nanocomposite electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applicationsNagarajan, MParuthimal Kalaignan, G
5-Apr-2011Synthesis of and complexation studies with polyaminopolycarboxylic acid crown ethersLakshmi Anu Prabhavathi Devi, BNagarajan, M
1-Apr-2011Synthesis of higher sugarsNarkunan, KNagarajan, M
22-Sep-2014Synthetic studies towards QuassinoidsReddy, M PullaNagarajan, M
18-Oct-2016The self other problematic and post coloniality a study of Wole SoyinkaKala, KNagarajan, M