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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Oct-2015Detection, determination and studies on inorganic ion exchangersSiddiqi, Ahsan RasheedNabi, Syed Ashfaq
18-Oct-2015Development of ion exchange materials and their analytical applicationsKhan, Amjad M TNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Physico-chemical studies on metal chelates of nitrogen and sulphur containing ligandsSiddiqi, Ahsan RasheedNabi, Syed Ashfaq
21-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies on the structural transitions of organized assembliesDavid, Sara LizNabi, Syed Ashfaq
20-Oct-2015Physico_chemical studies on the structural transitions of organized assembliesDavid, Sara LizNabi, Syed Ashfaq
18-Oct-2015Separation and determination of phenolics and alkaloids in synthetic and natural samplesSikarwar, AnupamaNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Separation, identification and determination of substances using TLC, ION exchange and electrochromatographyGupta, AjayNabi, Syed Ashfaq
1-Oct-2015Studies of inorganic ion exchange materials and their analytical applicationsIslam, AminulNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Studies of ion exchange materials, separation and determination of metal ions and analysis of drugs in synthetic and commercial preparationsKhan, Mohammad AmjedNabi, Syed Ashfaq
21-Oct-2015Studies on ion exchange materials: synthesis, characterization and analytical applicationsGanai, Sajad AhmadNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Studies on ion_exchange materials, chromatographic and paper electrophoretic separation of substancesUsmani, SoofiaNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Studies on synthetic inorganic ion exchange materialsFarooqui, Wajahat U.Nabi, Syed Ashfaq
18-Oct-2015Studies on synthetic inorganic ion exchangersSiddiqi, Zia MahmoodNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Studies on the analytical applications and physico_chemical interactions of some aromatic dinitro compoundsQureshi, Pushkin MNabi, Syed Ashfaq
18-Oct-2015Synthesis and characterization of ion exchange materials and their applications in the analysis of natural and synthetic samplesLaiq, EsmatNabi, Syed Ashfaq
19-Oct-2015Synthesis, characterization and analytical applications of ion_exchange materialsAnonymous, AlimuddinNabi, Syed Ashfaq