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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Dec-2015An alternate instrumentation for mord and molecular polarizationReddy,M. NarasimhaMurthy,V. Rama
18-Dec-2015Diamagnetic susceptibilities and related properties of plant drug moleculesBabu,M. SureshMurthy,V. Rama
18-Dec-2015Macro molecular spectra and allied properties of a few resins and plasticisersReddy,M. NarasimhaMurthy,V. Rama
5-Jan-2016Optical polarizabilities and ORD of a few saccharidesSudhakar,V.Murthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Optical polarizabilities of a few coenzymesRajarao,B. PhaniMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Optical studies in III V semiconductorsSaheb,Shaik. AmeerMurthy,V. Rama
4-Jan-2016Optical studies in medical diagnosisLakshmi,B. NagaMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Optical studies in oilsSurendranath,B.Murthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Optical studies in semiconductorsRao,K. NagabushanaMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Opto electronic studies in a few semi conductorsReddy,K. LakshmiMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Physical properties and medical activity of a few antibioticsBabu,S. RameshMurthy,V. Rama
12-Jan-2016Polymerization and effect on physical properties of a few oligomersDas,B. NarayanaMurthy,V. Rama
8-Jan-2016Spectroscopic studies in a few liquid crystalsReddy,R. N. VenkataMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies in a few molecular systemsRangaswamy,Y. C.Murthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies in a few nematic liquid crystalsRamachandraiah,B.Murthy,V. Rama
18-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies in bio and synthetic polymersNaidu,S. VenkataMurthy,V. Rama
28-Dec-2015Studies in optical and related properties of a few molecules of medical importanceSreenivasulu,M.Murthy,V. Rama
18-Dec-2015Studies of diamagnetic susceptibilities of a few simple synthetic and biomoleculesMurthy,T. V. S. ArunMurthy,V. Rama