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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Oct-2016Comparative studies on spevies of aspergillus occuring on different plant seedsDanal, Sunita P.Mukadam, D.S.
24-Mar-2017Improvement of rice oryza sativa l cultivars for disease resistance by gene pyramiding using marker assisted selectionPhalak, Manoj SMukadam, D.S.
17-Oct-2016Seed borne fungi of safflower and sesameSandikar, Suresh. N.Mukadam, D.S.
14-Jul-2016studies on biochemical change during micropropation and collus regeneration of stevia reboudiana bertoniTaware, AparnaMukadam, D.S.
18-Jul-2016Studies on effective fungi in recycling of agricultural wastes for making of quality compostMurumkar, Siddharth KMukadam, D.S.
29-Mar-2017Studies on fungal analysis and toxins in grain deterioration of sorghumBhosale, Ashok M.Mukadam, D.S.
6-Apr-2016Studies on methods of propagation and bioassay of jatropha species as biodiesel plantsGaikwad, Rajesh ShrirangraoMukadam, D.S.
13-Oct-2016Studies on occurrence of powdery mildew diseases on crops and wild plants in marathwadaPawar, Sanjay MMukadam, D.S.
24-Nov-2016Studies on pathogenic and nonpathogenic fungi of tomato fruitsSwami, Chandrashekhar S.Mukadam, D.S.
6-Oct-2016Studies on pigment producing seed borne fungiChavan, Ashok M.Mukadam, D.S.
13-Oct-2016Studies on pigment producing seed borne fungiChavan, Ashok M.Mukadam, D.S.
28-Oct-2016Studies on seed borne fungi of azadirachta indica a jussDhake, Samir B.Mukadam, D.S.
22-Jul-2016Studies on seed borne fungi of bajraKhairnar, Dattatreya N.Mukadam, D.S.
25-Oct-2016Studies on seed pathology of some legumesBhikane, Nandakishor SMukadam, D.S.
22-Nov-2016Studies On Trichoderms For Biocontrol Of Plant PathogensPatale, Shivraj S.Mukadam, D.S.