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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Dec-2015Adaptive physiology of the fish catla catla during thermal stress and thermal adaptationSujatha,D.Mohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Adaptive responses of the Indian major CARP labeo rohita Hamilton exposed to aldrin toxicity and environmental impact assessmentReddy,C. NarasimhaMohideen,Md. Basha
4-Jan-2016Availability of polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA in the muscle and liver of icthyofauna from different habitatsReddy,Mukthapuram NagabhushanMohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Bio chemical responses of sarotherodon mossambicus subjected to sub lethal exposure of phosphamidon and environmental risk assessmentOnnurappa,J.Mohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Biochemical adaptations of Indian major carp labeo rohita hamilton during sublethal toxicity of deltamethrinNeeraja,S. R. K.Mohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Biochemical changes in the tissues of indian major carp labeo rohita Hamilton in different nutrient based watersRao,G. BabuMohideen,Md. Basha
28-Dec-2015Biochemical responses of commercial fish catla catla under thermal stress and thermal adaptationNaik,G. HeeraMohideen,Md. Basha
4-Jan-2016Biochemical responses of labeo rohita Hamilton exposed to cypermethrin toxicityKauser,HinaMohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Biochemical responses of the common carp cyprinus carpio subjected to temperature stress and temperature adaptationRahim,Shaik AbdulMohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Cardio respiratory and haematological responses of common carp cyprinus carpio linnaeus subjected to malathion toxicity and environmental impact assessmentCharles,C. K. S. LathaMohideen,Md. Basha
8-Jan-2016Comparative evaluation of the toxicity of different pesticides in the Indian major carp Labeo RohitaAhmed,G. NisarMohideen,Md. Basha
28-Dec-2015Comparative evaluation of the toxicity of endosulfan and methyl parathion on the survival of the major carp catla catlaSuneetha,N.Mohideen,Md. Basha
5-Jan-2016Comparative evaluation of the toxicity of methyl parathion and malathion in the freshwater field crab oziotelphusa senex senex fabriciusSujatha,I.Mohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Comparitive effect of dichlorvos and azadirachtin on the physiology and biochemistry of the larvae of mulberry silkworm bombyx mori LBabu,M. RameshMohideen,Md. Basha
18-Dec-2015Differentiation of pollution stress from pollution adaptation in common carp cyprinus carpioIndira,P.Mohideen,Md. Basha
11-Jan-2016Effect of a synthetic pyrethroid cypermethrin on the physiology of freshwater fish channa striatus BLOCHAhmed,Md. OsmanMohideen,Md. Basha
28-Dec-2015Effect of aldrin an organochloride insecticide on commercial fish cyprinus carpioBasha,Syed SaleemMohideen,Md. Basha
28-Dec-2015Effect of azadirachtin a neemal pesticide on ecophysiology of freshwater fish catla catla hamiltonBegum,S. MubashiraMohideen,Md. Basha
11-Jan-2016Effect of dichlorvos an organophosphate insecticide on physiology of IV instar silkworm bombyx mori L at different ambient temperaturesBabu,M. RameshMohideen,Md. Basha
28-Dec-2015Effect of extrinsic factor ambient temperature on the malathion toxicity in tilapia mossambica PetersAmanullah,SyedMohideen,Md. Basha