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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Jun-2017Magnetic electrochemical and catalytic properties of transition metal complexes derived from N O donor acyclic and macrocyclic ligandsMajumder, SamitMohanta, Sasankasekhar
27-Jul-2017Properties of metal complexes derived from Schiff base ligands - Structural and magnetic studiesMandal, SurajMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Dec-2017Steady state and time resolved photophysical properties magnetochemistry and catechol oxidase activity of d block metal complexesMandal, LeenaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
20-Jun-2017Structural magnetic and spectroscopic properties of discrete and self assembled coordination compounds of s and d block metalsSasmal, SujitMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Dec-2017Structural magnetic catalytic and spectroscopic properties of metal complexes of varying nuclearityChakraborty, PriyankaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Jul-2017Studies on supramolecular interactions and magnetic properties of some transition metal complexesNayak, MalabikaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
10-Oct-2017Studies on supramolecular interactions and properties of some coordination compounds of 3d and 4f metal ionsMisra, PhalguniMohanta, Sasankasekhar
18-Aug-2017Syntheses crystal engineering and magnetic properties of co ordination compounds of 3d and 4f metal ionsKoner, RajeshMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Jul-2017Syntheses crystal structures and properties of coordination compounds including cocrystals derived from some preorganized dinucleating ligandsSarkar, SohiniMohanta, Sasankasekhar
27-Jul-2017Syntheses crystal structures supramolecular interactions and magnetic properties of 3d-s p f molecular assembliesBhattacharya, SagarikaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
16-Jun-2017Syntheses molecular and supramolecular structures and properties of some coordination compounds of S P D and f block metal ionsHazra, SusantaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
27-Jul-2017Syntheses structures and properties of metal complexes derived from some N O- And N N- Donor ligandsBiswas, ArpitaMohanta, Sasankasekhar
28-Jul-2017Syntheses structures and properties of s d and f block metal complexes derived from schiff base ligandsJana, ArpitaMohanta, Sasankasekhar