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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Apr-2016A comparative study of the personality of criminals and normals at different age levelsJaspal, SunitaMohan, Vidhu
25-Apr-2016A study of assertiveness as related to locus of control need for social approval Extraversion and Neuroticism in working and non working womenUberoi, AnuradhaMohan, Vidhu
19-Apr-2016A study of extraversion neuroticism psychoticism and adjustment of the murderersSingh, ArvinderMohan, Vidhu
2-Jun-2016A study of personality and motives of criminals in relation to crime and duration of stay in open and closed jailsGill, Sarjit KaurMohan, Vidhu
19-Apr-2016Acquisition of efficiency in two psycho motor tasks as a function of frequency of knowledge of results intelligence and motivationGupta, Vinod KumarMohan, Vidhu
19-Apr-2016An experimental study of problem solving behaviour as a function of personality drive and practiceMalhotra, Dalip KumarMohan, Vidhu
21-Apr-2016An investigation of the effect of personality intelligence and motives on vocational choice of post graduate studentsMadan, SudhaMohan, Vidhu
21-Apr-2016An investigation of the relationship among intelligence aptitude personality academic achievement and vocational choice of polytechnic studentsVohra, Hari Bhajan LalMohan, Vidhu
15-Apr-2016Attitudinal and personality correlates of pre marital expectations and apprehensionsKaur, Satinder JitMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Changes in premenstrual tension syndrome as a function of relaxation therapy in relation to personalityChopra, Rajni BalaMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Childrens perception of the rearing practices of mothers with high and low premenstrual tension syndromeGrewal, RupinderMohan, Vidhu
12-Apr-2016Comparative study of personality adjustment and values of different types of criminals and non criminalsRazdan, RuchiraMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Comparative study of the personality adjustment and values of delinquents and non delinquentsSahney, Surjeet PalMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Construction of professional obsolescence scale using job involvement and burnout as validation toolsPal, SukhMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Construction of triguna personality scale and its relationship to eysencks personality modelSandhu, SadhanaMohan, Vidhu
11-Apr-2016Delinquency proneness as related to trigun and adjustmentKataria, AlkaMohan, Vidhu
18-Apr-2016Effect of nutritional counselling on menstrual distress and personality of women with high premenstrual tension syndromeRakesh, AprajitaMohan, Vidhu
19-Apr-2016Effect of personality cortical stimulants and depressants on perceptual psychomotor and vigilance tasksGill, Surinder KaurMohan, Vidhu
15-Apr-2016Intellectual and personality variables as predictors of vocational maturitySaxena, SnehMohan, Vidhu
12-Apr-2016Investigation of work efficiency of technical personnel in relation to their aptitudes personality and motivesBhanot, AmitaMohan, Vidhu