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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Apr-2016A cross cultural study of adolescents stress and coping in relation to personality family environment and happiness orientationsFarokhzad, PegahMohan, Jitendra
19-Apr-2016A study of adolescent alienation in relation to personality values adjustment self esteem locus of control and academic achievementNisha, NishaMohan, Jitendra
5-Apr-2018A study of personality optimism hostility stress and coping styles of cancer patients in iranGhoreishi, Ashrafalsadat GitiMohan, Jitendra
5-Apr-2018A study of psychosocial correlates of resilience among institutionalized adolescentsKaur, NavdeepMohan, Jitendra
21-Apr-2016A study of role efficacy of polytechnic teachers its relationship with personal and organisational characteristicsAnand, Yogender KumarMohan, Jitendra
19-Apr-2016A study of sleep related disturbances among adolescents in relation to academic achievement anxiety stress coping and familial factorsSandhu, HarnoorMohan, Jitendra
19-Apr-2016A study of the effect of special sports training on some Psychological attributes of athletesKhan, Hussain AhmedMohan, Jitendra
25-Apr-2016A study on coaching effectiveness and its psychological correlatesFortgalland, GuyDeMohan, Jitendra
15-Apr-2016Adolescent resilience in relation to emotional intelligence stress parental bonding and interpersonal reactivitySharma, NitashaMohan, Jitendra
11-Apr-2016Aggression among children a socio psychological appraisalAmarjit Mahajan, ArunimaMohan, Jitendra
21-Apr-2016Alienation of urban youth a study in relation to personality achievement motivation and academic achievementJoginder, JoginderMohan, Jitendra
15-Apr-2016An experimental study of personality drive and age as determinants of reminiscence in childrenBhandari, AnuradhaMohan, Jitendra
15-Apr-2016An experimental study of short term and long term memory as determined by distribution of practice age sex and sense modalitiesDhaliwal, VarinderMohan, Jitendra
13-Apr-2016Autistic processes a study of its individual and social characteristicsBhargava, ChaviMohan, Jitendra
15-Apr-2016Comparative study of extraversion neuroticism achievement motivation and adjustment of tribal rural and urban youth of Himachal PradeshSharma, Narinder KumarMohan, Jitendra
19-Apr-2016comparative study of stress coping well being and marital adjustment of parents of mentally retarded and normal childrenB, GeethaMohan, Jitendra
7-Dec-2018Comparative study on vermicomposting technology and azotobacter inoculant as fertilizer for plantPratibhaMohan, Jitendra
11-Apr-2016Cross cultural study of personality values and altruistic behaviour of youth workersAgochiya, Devindra PalMohan, Jitendra
17-Jun-2014Development of web Based Resource For Exploration of Cominatorial Gene Expression Metadata in PlantsSingh, Amer V.Mohan, Jitendra
5-Jun-2014Evaluation of Plant Products for Antifungal Properties and Their Bfficacy in Seed Treatmentdev, UshaMohan, Jitendra