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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
22-Sep-2014Development and characterizations of silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles incorporated poly ether ether sulfone hybrid membranesMaheswari, PMohan, D
4-Mar-2016Optimization of aggregate mix proportion and studies on furan polymer concrete mix designMuthukumar, MMohan, D
10-Mar-2016Studies on cellulose acetate polyethersulfone and sulfonated polyethersulfone blend ultrafiltration membranesMahendran, RMohan, D
15-Mar-2018Studies on fouling resistant hybrid polyphenylsulfone PPSU ultrafiltration membranes for water pollution abatementA, ThanigaivelanMohan, D
16-Nov-2017Studies on novel polyetherimide mixed matrix membranes for hemodialysis applicationK, Noel JacobMohan, D
4-Mar-2016Studies on phase transfer catalysed polymerization of vinyl monomersUmapathy, MJMohan, D
10-Sep-2014Studies on poly ether imide carboxylated poly ether imide incorporated polyacrylonitrile membranesSenthil Kumar, SMohan, D
18-Mar-2019Studies on poly vinyl chlorides and functionalized poly vinyl chloride blend ultrafiltration membranesV, MuruganMohan, D
12-Sep-2014Studies on polyethersulfonepolyetherimide Blend ultrafiltration membranesAnitha Raj, SMohan, D
10-Mar-2016Studies on preparation characterization and application of cellulose acetate carboxylated polysulfone blend ultrafiltration membranesSajitha, C JohnselyMohan, D
10-Mar-2016Studies on separation of toxic heavy metal ions using liquid membraneLakshmi, D ShanthanaMohan, D
10-Mar-2016Studies on sulfonated polysulfone cellulose acetate and polyurethane blend ultrafiltration membranesMalaisamy, RMohan, D
10-Mar-2016Studies on ultrafiltration membranes based on cellulose acetate polysulfone and polyurethane blendsSivakumar, MMohan, D
16-Nov-2017Study on PVDF based membranes for water treatmentE, KavithaMohan, D
14-Mar-2018Synthesis and characterization of novel tin Sn doped cubic mesoporous silicatesR, RajalakshmiMohan, D