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31-Oct-2017A Study on tea pluckers with special consideration to their working comfort health and welfare aspects and on health aspects of tea processing factory workers exposed to industrial noiseChattopadhyay, SubhraMitra, Chandan
31-Oct-2017A Study on the acoustic noise profile of Calcutta and its influence on certain physiological parametersSen, DebasishMitra, Chandan
27-Oct-2017A study to evaluate the bone preserving attributes of aqueous black tea Camellia sinensis extract BTE in a hypogonadal Rat model of osteoporosisDas, Asankur SekharMitra, Chandan
22-Sep-2017A study to examine the heat stress reducing attributes of three Ayurveda herbsMaiti, AnasuyaMitra, Chandan
22-Sep-2017A study to examine the possible ameliorating effects of black tea extract BTE on non alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH induced liver and bone pathophysiological changesKarmakar, SubhraMitra, Chandan
27-Oct-2017An evaluation of oil extract of garlic cloves allium sativum Linn as an antiosteoporotic agent in an ovariectomized Rat modelMukherjee, MaitrayeeMitra, Chandan
22-Sep-2017Arsenic Induced oxidative stress and genotoxicity physiological management by dietary supplementationMajumdar, SangitaMitra, Chandan
22-Sep-2017Effects of high lipid diet on the pathogenesis of hypogonadal osteoporosisChanda, SrabaniMitra, Chandan
10-Jul-2017Serum lipids in normal adult population of Calcutta ITS variation in diabetes coronary artery disease and with the dietary supplementation of antioxidants with special reference to ascorbic acidChattopadhyay, IndrajitMitra, Chandan
21-Jun-2017Studies on the effect of chloramphenicol on the cardiovascular system and on different smooth muscles of various species of animalsMitra, ChandanBanerjee, Sachchidananda
28-Jul-2017Studies on the intestinal smooth muscle motility and transfer of nutrients as influenced by chloramphenicolPramanik, PurushottamMitra, Chandan