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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Dec-2013Clinical and electroencephalographic study of epilesy in BundelkhandDixit, SomshekharMishra, D N
23-Oct-2013A clinical study of peripheral neuropathy in Bundeikhand regionMisra, Ravindra NathMishra, D N
23-Oct-2013A clinical study of poisoning in Bundelkhand regionVerma, Vinod KumarMishra, D N
2-Dec-2013Clinico immunological profile in chronic lever disesasesKhare, Sushant KumarMishra, D N
29-Aug-2013Clinico-Pathological study of Idiopathic splenomegaly in BundelkhandGupta, MukulMishra, D N; Gupta, R K
26-Aug-2013A continued study of epilepsy: clinical and electroengephalographic aspectsSood, PawanMishra, D N
26-Aug-2013A correlative study of clinical presentations and electroencephalographic abnormalities in cases of partial epilepsiesKathuria, Bharat BhushanMishra, D N
19-Nov-2020Design and development of superporous hydrogels for gastric retentionManju RaniMishra, D N
31-Oct-2013A gontinued study on epilepsy clinigal and electroengephalographing aspectsSood, PawanMishra, D N
27-Aug-2013A RAdiological evaluation of the Conventional Barium meal follow through examination and double contrast small bowel Bsrium Enema in intestional tuberculosisSrivastava, Pradeep KumarGupta, A K; Mishra, D N
11-Sep-2013Sexual Dysfunction in Male DiabeticsSachdeva, Anil KumarArora, R C; Mishra, D N; Shukla, G D; Jain, P K
30-Apr-2013Synthesis and QSAR studies of some Quinazoline derivatives: an approach towards development of antimicrobial formulationSaini, SangitaGarg, Arun; Mishra, D N