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13-Oct-2016A study of causes and effect of volatility in stock market and revival of study in stock market downtrun under the impact of global turmoil since 2003Mishra, AshutoshSinghal, Jagdish Prasad
4-Apr-2019A theoritical and experimental approach for copper complexes X Ray k absorption near edge structure XANES and extended X Ray absorption fine structure EXAFS using IFEFFIT methodNinama, SamrathMishra, Ashutosh
14-May-2015Analysis of some natural origin samples of madhya pradesh for their economically important metals materials contentMishra, AshutoshPitre, K S
4-Apr-2019Characterisation and spectroscopic studies of transition metal complexes with hetero atom doner ligandJain, GarimaMishra, Ashutosh
26-Jul-2018Enforcement Of Copyright For The Protection Of Entertainment IndustryMishra, AshutoshMalik, Mohd. Asad
4-Apr-2019K absorption spectroscopic studies of some copper and cobalt complexes by theoretical and experimental approachParsai, NeetuMishra, Ashutosh
5-Apr-2019Optical electrical magnetic and ferroelectric properties of undoped BaTiO3 and doped BaTiO3 by iron Fe copper Cu and cobalt CoMishra, NiyatiMishra, Ashutosh
21-Aug-2017Postembryomic studies on the endocrines and haemocytes in the red cotton bug Dysdercus Koenigii Fabr Heteroptera PyrrhocoridaeMishra, AshutoshTiwari, R K
14-Oct-2016Ramcharitamanas Shailivaijyanik addhyayanaMishra, AshutoshSharma, Pooranchand
4-Apr-2019Studies on X Ray diffraction and estimation of X Ray k absorption edge of copper II complexesVibhute, VishakhaMishra, Ashutosh
3-Apr-2019Theoretical approach studies and experimental evidences of X Ray k absorption spectroscopic study of copper and cobalt complexesThakur, SuprajnyaMishra, Ashutosh
5-Apr-2019Theoritical and experimental analysis of EXAFS Extended X Ray Absorption Fine Structure and XANES of data of copper complexesMishra, ShwetaMishra, Ashutosh
4-Apr-2019X Ray k absorption spectral studies of some copper and cobalt complexesYadav, AnitaMishra, Ashutosh