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13-Mar-2018Gender specific modulatory effects of testosterone and estradiol on postnatal development and growth of the thyroid gland in wistar ratsSakhila banu KMichael Aruldhas M
14-Mar-2018Gender specific promotion of N Nitrosodiisopropanolamine DHPN induced thyroid tumours by testosterone and oestradiol in wistar ratsThiruvengadam AMichael Aruldhas M
6-Apr-2018Impact of chronic hyperprolactinemia on few cardiac enzymes in female albino ratsPunithavathi DMichael Aruldhas M
15-Dec-2017Impact of foetal onset hypothyroidism on the structure and functions of the epididymis in mature ratsKala NMichael Aruldhas M
23-Mar-2018Impact of gestational and neonatal exposure to chromium on postnatal rat testis an endocrine and ultrastructural studySekhar PMichael Aruldhas M
9-Apr-2018Impact of Hypo and Hyperthyroidism on the specific activities of Epididymal Adenosine Triphosphatases and Phosphomono Esterases in Albino ratsJohn Leema Rose PMichael Aruldhas M
9-Apr-2018Impact of thyroid on Epididymal lipids study on immature albino ratsSenthil Kumar P NMichael Aruldhas M
9-Apr-2018Impact of thyroid on prostatic Phosphomonoesterases and Adenosine Triphosphatases in Albino RatsSidharthan VMichael Aruldhas M
2-Apr-2018Impact of Transient Gestational Hypothyroidism on post natal testicular development and differentiation in wistar rats an Endocrine and Histomorphometric studyArokya Mary Sashi P JMichael Aruldhas M
21-Nov-2017In utero and lactational exposure to di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate DEHP modifies the expression of genes involved in iodothyronine biosynthesis in puberal ratsSambavi EMichael Aruldhas M
8-Dec-2017Influence Of Thyroid On Glycoproteins And Glycosidases In The Seminal Vesicles Of Albino Rats Effect Of ThyroidectomySenthil Kumaran BMichael Aruldhas M
5-Apr-2018Leydig cell function in hypo and hyperthyroid ratsFelicis antony FMichael Aruldhas M
15-Dec-2017Modulatory effect of thyroid hormones on leydig cell activityMani Maran R.RMichael Aruldhas M
21-Nov-2017Molecular mechanism underlying transient gestational onset hypothyroidism induced impairment of post testicular sperm maturation in Wistar ratsBalaji SMichael Aruldhas M
22-Mar-2018Potential uses of newer actions of hormones in the management of inflammatory and degenerative processes occurring in acute and chronic diseaseKrishnan C VMichael Aruldhas M
13-Mar-2018Reproductive toxicity of Chromium in adult male rats an endocrine and biochemical studySubramanian SMichael Aruldhas M