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26-Mar-2020Anusnatak kakshana vidhyarthioni buddhino ane temni aadhyatmik buddhi ane samvegik buddhina sandarbhma abhyasSawant, Himanshu P.Mathur, Kamayani
25-Apr-2016Assessment of depression quality of life coping techniques and social support among patients of osteoarthritis of knee by replacement surgeryPandya, Himval S.Mathur, Kamayani
20-Mar-2018Assessment of depression quality of life coping techniques and social support among patients of osteoarthritis of knees by replacement surgeryPandya, Himval SMathur, Kamayani
5-Aug-2019Assessment on stress related to infertility as a predictor of quality of life life satisfaction and sexuality among couples undergoing treatment for fertilityAwtani , Manisha MMathur, Kamayani
21-Nov-2014Correlational study of defense style with respect to locus of control, ego strength and ego identity among university students from gujaratAgrawal, Harsha NMathur, Kamayani
21-Aug-2019Empirical analysis of health locus of control coping strategies and general self fficacy as predictors of quality of life in patients of obstructive sleep apneaMirza, Gulzar F.Mathur, Kamayani
15-Dec-2020Retrospective study on parental specific psychological correlates of common neurological disordersShah, RiddhitaMathur, Kamayani
22-Aug-2019Review of contextual and psychological factors include distress attitude towards diabetes and personality as a predictor of quality of life among type 1 and type 2 diabetes patientsSioni, Supriya SMathur, Kamayani
21-Aug-2019Review of entrepreneurial attitude organization citizenship behaviour emotional competence and quality of work life among women entrepreneurs and corporate executives in indian business organizationsChandra, YaminiMathur, Kamayani
5-Apr-2019Role of anxiety and thought control as predictors of impulsiveness and social competence among patients of anxiety obsessive compulsive and conversion disordersSen, Lily T.Mathur, Kamayani