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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Dec-2019Characterization and study of energy absorbing behaviour of interpenetrating polymeric networksShukla, Ananda .Mathur, G. N.
27-Jan-2020Effect of fillers reinforcements on the degradation of polycaprolactamSrivastava, Satya Prakash .Mathur, G. N.
30-Dec-2019Effect of zinc and and iron chloorides on the degradation of poly vinyl chlorideNagpal, Arun Kumar .Mathur, G. N.
27-Dec-2019Epoxy modified phenol formaldehyde resinKumar, Pradeep .Mathur, G. N.
27-Dec-2019Evaluation of various substituted phenols as stabilizers for polyolefinsKumar, Vijai .Mathur, G. N.
23-Jan-2020Kinetic study of copolymerisation of styrene with methylmethacrylate in presence of a complexing agentSrivastava , Anil Kumar .Mathur, G. N.
27-Dec-2019Polymerization of vinyl monomers in the presence of sulfur ylid a kinetic studySrivastava, Ranjana .Mathur, G. N.
13-Jan-2020Rheological characterization of blends of polycarbonate with various polymersBabbar, Indira .Mathur, G. N.
10-Oct-2019Spectroscopic and kinetic studies of retardation of vinyl polymerisation by redox dyesMIshra, Prabhat Kumar.Mathur, G. N.
7-Oct-2019Studies in microbiologically influenced corrosion of fuel tand material Aluminium alloy by fuel resident microorganismsAwasthi, Minu .Mathur, G. N.
24-Jan-2020Studies on castor oil based interpenetrating polymeric networks IPNSKumar, Rajiv .Mathur, G. N.
31-Dec-2019Studies on elastomeric blends their ultrasonic thermal and microphase propertiesPandey, Kailash Nath .Mathur, G. N.
11-Oct-2019Studies on free radical graft copolymerisation of acrylic monomers on starch and physics mechanical properties of their blends with PVCKumar, Ashok .Mathur, G. N.
24-Jan-2020Studies on high temperature epoxy resinsMathur, Rashmi Mohan .Mathur, G. N.
8-Jan-2020Studies on laboratory scale synthesis of teteafluoroethylene and effect of process parametersSrivastava, Alokendu .Mathur, G. N.
16-Jan-2020Studies On Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Of Fuel Tank Material Aluminium Alloy By Fuel Resident Microorgan IsmsAwasthi, Minu .Mathur, G. N.
13-Jan-2020Studies on polyurethane coatings for leatherGupta, Sanjeev .Mathur, G. N.
13-Jan-2021Studies on polyurethane coatings for leatherGupta, Sanjeev .Mathur, G. N.
24-Jan-2020Studies on the modification of polypropylene PP with butadiane styrene block copolymer SBSSaroop, MadhumitaMathur, G. N.
27-Dec-2019Study of thermooxidative degradation and stabilisation of polypropyleneMishra, AnjaliMathur, G. N.