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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
12-Nov-2013Beam shaping of sectoral electromagnetic horn antennas using corner reflector techniqueMathew, K TNair, K G
24-Apr-2012Development and analysis of a novel isosceles trapezoidal dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communicationGopakumar, CMathew, K T
16-Jul-2010Development and analysis of new multicorner reflector antennasMathew, SebastianMathew, K T
23-Sep-2014Development and microwave characterization of selected biocompatible materials and conducting polymersUllas Kalappura, GMathew, K T
30-Aug-2012Development of a novel wideband cylindrical dielectric resonator antennaPraveen Kumar A VMathew, K T
6-May-2011Development of active microwave imaging techniques for applications In mammograpyBindu, GMathew, K T
19-Nov-2012Development of free space method for material characterisation and GPR study and a case study on biological samplesBiju Kumar SMathew, K T
19-Apr-2012Development of thermoplastic conducting polymer composites based on polyaniline and polythiophenes for microwave and electrical applicationsLakshmi, KGeorge, K E; Mathew, K T
5-Jan-2016Hexagonal dielectric resonator antenna a novel dr antenna for wireless communicationHamsakutty, VMathew, K T
5-Aug-2010Investigations on the radiation characteristics of certain new corner reflector systemsJacob, JoeMathew, K T
18-Dec-2015Investigations on the Radiation Characteristics of New Hollow Dielectric Horn AntennasJoseph, V PMathew, K T
23-Jul-2010Microwave electronics: the study of the dielectric and magnetic properties of certain materials using modified cavity perturbation techniquesRaveendranath, UMathew, K T
14-Oct-2011Optimization of preparation techniques and dielectric study of polyanilines in the microwave and high frequency fieldThomas, Rinku MariamGeorge, K E; Mathew, K T; Prathapan, S
20-Apr-2012Strategies for inverse profiling of two dimensional dielectric scatterers using electromagnetic illuminationThomas, VinuMathew, K T
17-Oct-2016Taxonomic studies on the flora of the palni _Pulney_ hills Tamil NaduMathew, K TMatthew, K M