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20-Aug-2018A comparative study on alteration of bioindicators due to anthropogenic effects causing threat to biodiversity and fish physiology in some wetlands of Ganga Delta Plain West Bengal IndiaSamadder, SangitaManna, Chanchal Kumar
26-Jul-2017Cytophysiological investigation of the avian adrenocortical zonationManna, Chanchal KumarGhosh, Asok
3-Aug-2018Differential responses of the ovarian and uterine tissue of mice due to the use of some potent ethnomedicines in controlling fertility A histophysiological studyBasak, SubhraManna, Chanchal Kumar
9-Aug-2018Histophysiological study of the male accessory sex organs in the wild rats with special emphasis on the role of androgenic antiandrogenic and antifertility compounds in the wild Indian house rat Rattus rattusChakraborti, SusmitaManna, Chanchal Kumar
20-Aug-2018Histophysiological study of the male reproductive organs of a rodent pest Rattus rattus in West Bengal A critical evaluation of the control of fertilityAich, SumitaManna, Chanchal Kumar
9-Aug-2018Histophysiological study of the male reproductive organs of two common Indian pest birds with special reference to their control of fertilityNandy, Prakritish KumarManna, Chanchal Kumar
21-Jan-2016Impact of global climate change and other factors on the biodiversity of flora and fauna with special emphasis on the disperse bird population in some wetlands of the east KolkataKundu, SubiditaManna, Chanchal Kumar
10-Aug-2018Involvement of pineal gland in the activity of the adrenal and gonadal tissues under various experimental conditions in the domestic male pigeon Columba livia GmelinMadhu, Nithar RanjanManna, Chanchal Kumar
20-Aug-2018Polysaccharide cytochemistry and reproductive physiology of the oviduct of country fowl Gallus domesticusManna, Sakti KumarManna, Chanchal Kumar
20-Aug-2018Studies of some aspects on breeding behaviour diversity in nest pattern and parental care of a migratory birds species the open billed stork Anastomus oscitans in the Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary Raiganj Uttar Dinajpur West Bengal IndiaPramanik, Alok KumarManna, Chanchal Kumar
3-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects of ecology and the expression of cypiiai SCC enzyme within the developing adrenal gland of a wild rodent Rattus sikkimensis HintonChattopadhyay, DebiprasadManna, Chanchal Kumar
20-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects of ecology with special emphasis on avifaunal diversity of Santragachi and Joypur Jheel Dist Howrah W B IndiaPatra, AshisManna, Chanchal Kumar
9-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects of rodent ecology and nature of damages in four Districts of the gangetic plane of West Bengal and the application of some suitable agents in controlling the fertility of the male wild Indian house rat Rattus rattusSantra, Kalyan BrataManna, Chanchal Kumar
13-Aug-2018Studies on some aspects on the efficacies of ethnomedicine used by the tribal people of the District Puruliya in controlling the fertilityMaiti, AmaresManna, Chanchal Kumar
18-Jan-2016Studies on the diminishing trend in species diversity of various flora and fauna of the wetland of east Kolkata and their conservation strategiesGuchhait, SamareshManna, Chanchal Kumar
18-Dec-2015Studies on the prevalence of salt related hypertension within the rural backward community of the district Nadia West Bengal India and the effect of some antihypertensive and herbal medicines to reduce hypertension in rat a histophysiological studyBiswas, MaharajManna, Chanchal Kumar
8-Aug-2018Studies on the salt related hypertension under various conditions of the Santal tribal people of West Bengal and the efficacy of a herbal medicine in lowering hypertension in mice An experimental approachBasu, KasturiManna, Chanchal Kumar
20-Aug-2018Wetland loss and a threat to the migratory bird population A study based on bird population in two water logged areas of the District South 24 PGS West Bengal IndiaDas, Madan GopalManna, Chanchal Kumar