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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jul-2017A comparative study of the palm genus Livistona R BR and two tertiary fossil palms of IndiaKulkarni, Keshav MartandMahabale, T S
29-Mar-2017A study of the silicified fossil plants from Mohgaon Kalan and Sagar from Madhya Pradesh and from Ghala Gujarat State belonging to the deccan intertrappean series of IndiaDeshpande, S RMahabale, T S
25-Jul-2017Comparative studies on palmsJavalgekar, Sharashehandra BMahabale, T S
28-Mar-2017Cyto_embryological studies on the genus Dipcadi medic _Fam Liliaceae_ and Hyphaene gaertn _Fam Palmae_ with a note on the karyotypes in the marsileaceaeChennaveeraiah, M SMahabale, T S
25-Jul-2017Embryological studies on the family chenopodiaceaeSolanky, Ishverlal NarottamdasMahabale, T S
12-Apr-2017Fossil flora of Andra Pradesh _India_ Godavari DistrictsSatyanarayana, TripurariMahabale, T S
13-Apr-2017Fossil flora of Rajahmundry areaVenkateswara Rao, SMahabale, T S
18-Aug-2017Studies in fossil plants from kota_maleri beds and embryology of the genus Phoenix linnBiradar, Nagnath VaijnathraoMahabale, T S
27-Dec-2017Studies in the fungi of Maharashtra with special reference to leaf litter fungiPatil, Shamarao DadajiMahabale, T S
26-Jul-2017Studies on palms a study of the genus Caryota L in IndiaShirke, N SMahabale, T S
12-Apr-2017Studies on palms with special reference to the members of ceroxylinaeMurthy, M H SMahabale, T S
17-Apr-2021Studies on palms_ 1_ Thrinax parviflora sw_ 2_ Thachycarpus martiana h_ wendl 3_ Borassus flabellifer l_Patel, Hansaben KuberdasMahabale, T S
16-Oct-2017Studies on palms_ genera Licuala thunb and Rhapis linn in IndiaSurange, Shashikant RajaramMahabale, T S
15-Jan-2020Studies on palms_ the genus cocos in IndiaKulkarni , Anant Ranga RaoMahabale, T S
6-Apr-2017Studies on the cytoembryology and anatomy of the agavaceae and some members of the bignoniaceaeShirke, Dadabhau RambhauMahabale, T S
26-Jul-2017Studies on the ferns of MysorePatankar, Tara Bai VMahabale, T S
22-Sep-2017Studies on the flora and vegetation of Satpuras Bombay State_India with a note on the Satpura hypothesisKarnik, C RMahabale, T S
12-Oct-2017Studies on the fossil flora of the Wardha _ Godavary valleyVagyani, Bhalchandra AnnasahebMahabale, T S
6-Apr-2017Studies on the quaternary flora of Pravara river basin_ District Ahmednagar _Maharashtra State_ and a study of some petrified woods from Wardha _ Godavari valleyMahajan, Dinkar RamchandraMahabale, T S
12-Apr-2017Studies on two bud_bearing ferns of India Pleocnemia conjugata Presl and Diplazium maximum don with a supplement on the morphology of spores in the ferns of Western IndiaJoshi, Sumati AMahabale, T S