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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Mar-2018A critical study of the attainment levels of 5th standard pupils in Tamil_Mathematics and Environmental studies with reference to minimum levels of learning programmeKamini Devi, MLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018A study of certain factors related to learning disabilities in english among school studentsKusuma Harinath, PLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018A study on divergent and convergent thinking of visually impaired children in secondary schoolsRajaguru, SLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018A study on the value perception of students in relation to their teachers value perceptionPorgio, GLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Oct-2015Awareness and attitude of higher secondary teachers towards learning difficulties in studentsKrishna Raju, JLokanadha Reddy, G
2-Apr-2018Awareness_attitude and competencies required by the teachers in dealing with low vision children at primary stageRagunathan, MLokanadha Reddy, G
24-Jul-2014Competencies required for high school teachers to deal students with learning difficultiesVakkil, MLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Mar-2018Competencies required for primary school teachers to handle learning difficulties in childrenSujatha Malini, JLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018Effectiveness of certain remedial programmes in overcoming academic and social deficiencies of problem studentsPonnambalam, LLokanadha Reddy, G
21-Mar-2018Effectiveness of certain strategies in overcoming antisocial behaviour among high school studentsShyamala, VLokanadha Reddy, G
14-Dec-2015Effectiveness of cognitive metacognitive and behavioural approaches in overcoming specific learning difficulties in ADHD childrenKamali Imayavaramban, TVLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Mar-2018Effectiveness of comics in learning communicative english at the higher secondary levelSolayan, MLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018Effectiveness of metacognitive strategies in overcoming language learning difficulties among higher secondary studentsSanthakumari, PLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Oct-2015Effectiveness of metacognitive teaching learning strategies on the achievement of various categories of X standard students in EnglishStanislas, MLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Mar-2018Effectiveness of multimedia based modular approach with special reference to slow learnersRamar, RLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018Effectiveness of self instructional modules for B_Ed teacher trainees to overcome behaviour disorders in studentsArunachalam, NLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018Effectiveness of special approaches integrated instructional strategy in enhancing the achievement of plus 2 students in mathematics in Tamilnadu professional courses entrance examinationJeyaprakash, KLokanadha Reddy, G
13-Mar-2018Effectiveness of three modes of instruction in inclusive education in enhancing the academic achievement of various categories of students in Botany at plus one levelThalaimalai, RLokanadha Reddy, G
20-Oct-2015Effectiveness of value analysis model in developing value processing skills among secondary school studentsThankachan, TCLokanadha Reddy, G
16-Mar-2018Factors related to school effectiveness and learning achievement at primary stageJeevanantham, MLokanadha Reddy, G