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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Mar-2018A study of silver zinc oxide and titanium dioxide Nanoparticles for biological applicationsS, SugapriyaLakshmi, S
18-Oct-2016A study of the socio _ economic impact of tannery pollution in TiruchirappalliAbdullah Basha, KLakshmi, S
18-Oct-2016A study on mathematical model for the secretion of histamine due to human stressPunithavathi, RLakshmi, S
18-Oct-2016A study on mathematical models for human stress effects _ a scientific approach with mathematical supportLakshmi, SRamaraj, T
18-Oct-2016A study on mathematical models for the secretion of adrenalin and noradrenalin due to human stressGeetha, T.Lakshmi, S
18-Oct-2016A study on mathematical models for the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone due to human stressShunmugapriya, SLakshmi, S
19-Oct-2016A study on mathematical models for the secretion of cortisol due to human stressSenthil Kumar, PLakshmi, S
19-Oct-2016A study on mathematical models for the secretion of dopamine due to human stressVenkatesh, ALakshmi, S
6-Oct-2016Analysis of Oral Communication of ESL Tertiary Level Students Initiated through Task Based Language TeachingRamamoorthy, BLakshmi, S
9-May-2015An Analysis of Strategies in Inter Language communication employed by under gradute students in Dindigul districtVinod Kumar, VLakshmi, S
5-Mar-2018Back to the body Margaret Atwood and the Reaffirmation of the Female PhysicalityLakshmi, SAbraham, Varghese C
17-Jun-2015Bilingualism in Tamil conversationPirahannayagi, GLakshmi, S
21-Mar-2018Corporate dividend practices_a study with special reference to software industryLakshmi, SAnnamalai, S
24-May-2016Crystal and molecular structure analysis of therapeutic compondsLakshmi, SSridhar, M A
21-Mar-2016Crystal structure analysis of compounds of biological interestLakshmi, SSubramanian, K
17-Jun-2015Effectiveness of teaching prose through communicative language teaching to the undergraduates part II English a studyKalanithi, LRSLakshmi, S
17-Oct-2014Ga based distance keeping for Formation flying of microsatellitesLakshmi, SShanmugam, J
4-Jul-2016Investigation of the kinetics of the electrode processes involving methylamine mono and di and ethylamine mono di and tri complexes of lead II on the dropping mercury electrodeLakshmi, SSelvaraj, A
19-Oct-2016Kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the oxidation of certain uracils by Ce_iv_Lakshmi, SRenganathan, R
27-Dec-2017Language acquisition at higher secondary level through games and activities an explorationNijoy P JoseLakshmi, S