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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Oct-2016Application of phase_integral method to quantal anharmonic oscillators and two_centre coulomb problemsAthavan, NLakshmanan, M
17-Oct-2016Bifurcation and chaos in certain dissipative nonlinear dynamical systemsRajasekar, SLakshmanan, M
17-Oct-2016Chaos hyperchaos and synchronization of chaos in certain simple nonlinear electronic circuitsThamilmaran, KLakshmanan, M
19-Oct-2016Chaotic synchronizations and their transitions in nonlinear time_delay systemsSenthilkumar, D VLakshmanan, M
3-Jul-2013Collision dynamics of bright and dark optical solitons in (1+1) and (2+1) dimensional nonlinear mediaVijayajayanthi, MLakshmanan, M
14-Oct-2016Controlling and synchronization of chaos_ some consequences and applicationsPalaniyandi, PLakshmanan, M
13-Oct-2016Dynamics of certain periodically and quasiperiodically driven nonlinear oscillators_bifurcations chaos and strange nonchaosVenkatesan, ALakshmanan, M
18-Oct-2016Integrability and linearization of nonlinear dynamical systems and applicationsChandrasekar, V KLakshmanan, M
18-Feb-2015Labour movement in Madras city 1918 1939Lakshmanan, MBhattacharya,S.
13-Oct-2016Lie symmetries and integrability of certain nonlinear dynamical systemsSenthil Velan, MLakshmanan, M
18-Oct-2016Localized coherent structures in _2 plus 1_ dimensional soliton systemsRadha, RLakshmanan, M
17-Oct-2016Nonlinear dynamics of higher dimensional spin systemsVijayalakshmi, SLakshmanan, M
18-Oct-2016Nonlinear excitations in the heisenberg ferromagnetic spin chainDaniel, MLakshmanan, M
14-Oct-2016Novel shape changing collisions of optical solitons in nonlinear media and their applicationsKanna, TLakshmanan, M
19-Oct-2016Panchayat administration in Tiruchirappalli District_1952_2006Raja Raveendran, MLakshmanan, M
18-Oct-2016Periodic and localized solutions of _ 2 plus1 _ dimensional integrable systemsSenthil Kumar, CLakshmanan, M
13-Oct-2016Spatiotemporal dynamics of certain discrete and continuous nonlinear systemsMuruganandam, PLakshmanan, M
13-Oct-2016Studies on the invariances and smmetries of certain nonlinear evolution quationsKaliappan, PLakshmanan, M
17-Oct-2016Symmetries integrability and dynamics of certain diffusive dispersive and dissipative types nonlinear physical modelsBindu, P SLakshmanan, M
26-May-2017Synchronization of ofdma in uplink mobile wimaxLakshmanan, MMallick Partha Sharathi