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19-Oct-2011Chelating behavior acylhydrazones towards transition metals: spectral and structural aspectsMangalam, Neema AniKurup, M R Prathapachandra
9-Jan-2013Diversity in structural and spectral characteristics of some transition metal complexes derived from Aldehyde based Thiosemicarbazone LigandsRapheal P FKurup, M R Prathapachandra
8-May-2013Investigations on the structural, spectral and Magnetic interactions of transition Metal Complexes of MultidentateSuni VKurup, M R Prathapachandra
6-Jun-2014Mono- and binuclear transition metal complexes of N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones derived from salicylaldehyde and 2-hydroxyacetophenone : synthesis, spectral and structural studiesSeena E BKurup, M R Prathapachandra
9-Jan-2013Self assembled transition metal coordination frameworks of Carbohydrazone and Thiocarbohydrazone Ligands structural spectral magnetic and Anticancer PropertiesManoj EKurup, M R Prathapachandra
23-Jan-2013Spectral and structural studies of transition metal complexes of thiosemicarbazones containing ring incorporated at N 4 positionLatheef, LejiKurup, M R Prathapachandra
31-Oct-2011Spectral studies and crystal structures of some transition metal complexes of N4-substituted semicarbazonesReena T AKurup, M R Prathapachandra
6-Jun-2014Spectral, structural and biological studies of some metal complexes of N-substituted 2-Benzoylpyridine ThiosemicarbazonesJoseph, MarthakuttyKurup, M R Prathapachandra
12-Nov-2010Spectroscopic, electrochemical and biological studies of tranition metal complexes of O-N-S donor ligandsBindu, PKurup, M R Prathapachandra
31-Dec-2012Structural and spectral investigations of transition metal complexes of DI2Pyridylketone N4N4 disubstituted thiosemicarbazonesPhilip, VarugheseKurup, M R Prathapachandra
7-Nov-2012Structural characterization and non linear optical properties of metal complexes of some donor acceptor substituted N salicylidene N aroylhydrazine ligandsBessy Raj B NKurup, M R Prathapachandra
28-Dec-2012Structural EPR and Antimicrobial studies on some transition metal complexes of ThiosernicarbazonesSreekanth AKurup, M R Prathapachandra
27-Dec-2012Structural spectral biological and electrochemical studies of some 3d transition metal complexes of O N S and N N S donor ligandsSivakumar SKurup, M R Prathapachandra
9-Jan-2013Studies on metal complexes of some tridentate acylhydrazonesMathew, NancyKurup, M R Prathapachandra
10-Jan-2013Studies on metal complexes with acylhydrazones based on heterocyclic carbonyl compoundsSheeja S RKurup, M R Prathapachandra
20-Apr-2012Synthesis and characterisation of some transition metal complexes of multidentate ligandsNayar, Chandini RKurup, M R Prathapachandra
7-Nov-2012Synthesis spectral and structural studies of transition metal complexes of N4 substituted semicarbazonesVarghese, BinuKurup, M R Prathapachandra
20-Apr-2012Synthesis, spectral characterization, structural studies and biological investigations of transition metal complexes of some Acid HydrazonesSreeja, P BKurup, M R Prathapachandra
10-Jan-2013Transition metal complexes derived from ketone based N 4 substituted thiosemicarbazones Crystal structures and spectral studiesRenjusha SKurup, M R Prathapachandra
20-Apr-2012Transition metal complexes of schiff bases with Azide and thiocyanate as coligands: spectral and structural investigationsSreesha, SasiKurup, M R Prathapachandra