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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jul-2018Admissibility over function fields of p adic curvesReddy, Surendranath BKumaresan, S
31-Mar-2015Hydro solvo thermal syntheses and structural haracterization of coordination complexes of mg ii co ii ni ii cu ii and zn ii with 1 oxopyridinium 2 thioacetato 1 oxopyridinium 2 thiopropionato 2 4 6 trimethylbenzoato and a few other Organic amine ligandsIndrani, MKumaresan, S
31-Dec-2015Hydro_solvo thermal syntheses and structural characterization of coordination complexes of Co_II Ni_II Cu_II Zn_II and Bi_III with pyridine_26_dicarboxylato_1_oxopyridinium_2_thioacetato_1_oxopyridinium_2_thiolato_ and a few other ligandsRamadevi, PKumaresan, S
24-Nov-2017Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from selected endophytic fungiSenthil Kumar, VKumaresan, S
10-Jan-2017Know your customer kyc standards and anti money laundering aml measures of commercial bank a study with special reference to commercial banks in Virudhunagar districtKumaresan, SSundara pandian, P
22-Dec-2021Phytochemical Isolation and Charecterization of Some Indian Medicinal PlantsKumaresan, SZahir Hussain, A
17-Mar-2022Spectroscopic and molecular simulation analyses on the structure of drug molecules identified from natural extractsRajkumar, PKumaresan, S
17-Mar-2022Spectroscopic simulation studies on some structural and stereo isomersSelvaraj, SKumaresan, S
4-Mar-2016Studies on azobenzene based organophosphorus liquid crystalline polymersKumaresan, SKannan, P
13-Feb-2017Studies on some seaweeds from Tuticorin coast TamilnaduJothibai Margret, RKumaresan, S
4-Mar-2016Studies on some seaweeds from Tuticorin coast TamilnaduJothibai Margret, RKumaresan, S
31-Dec-2015Studies on the ethnomedicinal plants of Kanikkars of Kalakad_Mundanthurai tiger reserve sanctuary Tamil nadu with special emphasis on RheumatismSutha, SKumaresan, S
19-Oct-2016Studies on VA_mycorrhizal association with mulberry in different ecosystems of Kerala state IndiaKumaresan, SSelvaraj, T
31-Dec-2015Syntheses and structural characterization of co_crystals of Stien guanidine with organic acidicRamasubramanian, RKumaresan, S
28-Apr-2022Vibrational electronic magnetic and quantum chemical investigation on the structure of some biologically active medicinal compoundsThirunavukkarasu. KKumaresan, S