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11-Jan-2016Biochemical and in vitro plantlet regeneration studies in fig ficus carica L CV gularKumar,VadlapudiKumar,Chitta Suresh
11-Jan-2016Biochemical and in vitro plantlet regeneration studies in rue ruta graveolens LReddy,T. MuraleedharaKumar,Chitta Suresh
18-Dec-2015Biochemical and in vitro propagation studies in two anti cancer plants plumbago zeylanica L and psoralea corylifolia LKumar,VadlapudiKumar,Chitta Suresh
8-Jan-2016Biochemical studies during germination of safflower seeds cazthamus tinctozius LKumar,Chitta SureshRao,P. Ramakrishna
11-Jan-2016Biotransformation of organophosphorus pesticides by flavobacterium balustinum isolated from the agricultural soils of Anantapur district A P India Purification and partial characterization of methyl parathion hydrolaseKumar,Chitta SureshDayananda,S.
5-Jan-2016Computational aided drug design CADD studies on rhamnose enzymes of mycobacterium tuberculosisHarathi,N.Kumar,Chitta Suresh
5-Jan-2016Computational approach on drug targeted proteins in streptococcus pneumoniae Molecular modelling inhibitor design and docking studiesReddy,T. MuraleedharaKumar,Chitta Suresh
28-Dec-2015Computer aided drug design CADD studies on human histamine H2 receptor hHH2RSwamy,K. VenkateswaraKumar,Chitta Suresh
5-Jan-2016Design synthesis and molecular evaluation of resveratrol analogues on apoptosis regulated proteins and transcriptional factors involved in tumorigenesisMulakayala,ChaitanyaKumar,Chitta Suresh
18-Dec-2015Homology modelling of drug targeted proteins from microbial pathogens and structure based computer aided drug designingKasturi,K.Kumar,Chitta Suresh
18-Dec-2015Molecular characterization of drug target proteins in mycobacterium tuberculosis a new method in development of anti tuberculosis drugsPrasad,P. MaruthiKumar,Chitta Suresh
28-Dec-2015Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of anti ulcer activity of acanthus ilicifolius linnBasha,S. NizamuddinKumar,Chitta Suresh
11-Jan-2016Role of resveratrol and its analogs in the activation of apoptosis pathway in cancer cellsBabajan,B.Kumar,Chitta Suresh
28-Dec-2015Studies on the signal transduction pathway s mediated by herbal derived compounds in relation to its anti tumor activitiesRaghavendra,P. B.Kumar,Chitta Suresh