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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Dec-2020A Comparative Study of Attitude of Special School Teachers and Inclusive School Teachers toward Inclusive Education of Students with Visual ImpairmentJoshi, Atin DevendrabhaiKumar, Pawan
26-Sep-2022A comparative study of environmental accounting and reporting of public and private sector units with special reference to SAIL and TATA motors limitedKumar, PawanKumar, Audhesh
14-Jun-2022A Stochastics Reparable Engineering System ModelsKumar, PawanGupta, Rakesh
7-Dec-2020A study of the emotional stability and family environment of senior secondary level students of Delhi Pradesh in relation to their educational achievementDalal, GeetaKumar, Pawan
11-Jul-2016Adhunik Panjabi geet kav da suhaj shastri adhiyanKumar, PawanSingh, Yograj
27-Oct-2020Aggressive behaviour of adolescents in relation to their academic stress peer pressure family climate and psycho social school climateSingh, JagdishKumar, Pawan
20-Nov-2014Analysis of penetration microstructure and mechanical properties of some non ferrous alloys using gtaw processKumar, PawanDatta, C K
10-Oct-2016Aupanisadika Siksana Vyavastha Ekadasopanisadon ke paripreksya meinKumar, PawanRihani, Vasundhara
29-Dec-2022Bharat Mein Manvadhikaron Ke Sanrakshan Mein Gair Sarkari Sangathano Ki BhumikaKumar, PawanSah, B.L
7-Jan-2023Bharat Mein Manvadhikaron Ke Sanrakshan Mein Gair Sarkari Sangathano Ki BhumikaKumar, PawanSah, B.L
1-Jul-2015Brahma sutra shadlakar bhashya me adhyas nirupara: ek adhyayan, ब्रह्मा सूत्र शधकार भाष्य में अध्यास निरुपारा: एक अध्ययनKumar, PawanSingh, Ishwar
13-Oct-2020Chemical Sensors Based on Pyridyl Ionophores for Selective Determination of Some Transition Metal IonsKumar, PawanMittal, Susheel
7-Sep-2020Cost accounting _ cost control system in tyre industry_ _A comparative study of leading companies in India_Kumar, PawanSingh, H.K.
4-May-2016Cyclisation of halogenated n acylbenzylamines and related compoundsKumar, PawanKessar, S V
15-Jan-2018Deciphering Biosynthetic Machinery of Podophyllotoxin Anticancer Metabolite of Podophyllum hexandrum RoyleKumar, PawanChauhan, Rajinder Singh and Sood, Hemant
15-Apr-2021Design of Algorithms for Community Structure Detection in Real World Complex NetworksKumar, PawanRavins
13-Oct-2014Designing democratic audit: addressing political corruption in IndiaKumar, PawanAcharya, Ashok
21-Dec-2022Dielectric Properties of Microwave Processed CaCu3Ti4O12 Based Ceramics and Related 0 3 Epoxy compositesSamanta, BuddhadevKumar, Pawan
18-Feb-2023EBSD investigation to study the restoration mechanism and substructural characteristics during deformation of low carbon copper bearing steel and post deformation annealing of duplex stainless steel having an initial equiaxed and Widmanstatten austenite morphologyKumar, PawanChowdhury, Amit Roy and Hodgson, Peter
2-Mar-2023Effect of Ambient Air Pollution on Lung Function among Population of Delhi NCRKumar, PawanGupta, Sonisha