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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Aug-2017Ecobiological Studies of the Fresh Water Crab Paratelphusa Jacquemonti RathbunWooikar A RKulkarni K M
27-Aug-2015Effect of Changed Environment Physiology and Endocrinology of the frog Rana CyanophyticsPatil P SKulkarni K M
9-Aug-2018Effect of Pesticide Gontamination of Fresh Water Egosystem on RASBORA Danigonius HAMChoudhary M VKulkarni K M
14-Aug-2017Effect of Pollutions on Reproductive Biology of the Crab Oaratelphus Jacquemontill RathbumGulhane R AKulkarni K M
1-Oct-2015Effects of Changed Environment on Physiology and Endocrinology of the Frog Rana CyanophlyctisPatil P SKulkarni K M
22-Sep-2017Effects of Nitrate Salts on Physiology of the Fish Clarias BatrchusUbhad P JKulkarni K M
19-Aug-2015Evaluation of Toxiconts and Environmental factor Combination Stress on Physiology of the Snail Bellamya Bengalensis F Typica LamarckLokhande P JKulkarni K M
16-Feb-2015Impact of Normal and Abnormal Pancreatic Functioning on Male Reproduction in Albino Wistar RatChoudhary R RKulkarni K M
21-Aug-2017Induced Effects of Toxicants on Fresh Water Fish Channa Orientalis SCHJadhao R GKulkarni K M
22-Sep-2017Neuroendocrine and Osmoregulatory Responses of Paratelphusa Jacquemontii Rathbun to Pollution StressNimgare S SKulkarni K M
15-Jan-2018Screening and Counseling For Sickle Cell Disorder Thalassemia Experiences of Parents and Health ProfessionalsJaiswal V RKulkarni K M
21-Aug-2017Some Aspects of Ecophysiological Relations in the Slua Semperula Maculata SEMPERTayade D VKulkarni K M
15-Dec-2015Some Biotechnological and Enzymological Aspects of the Mice Exposed to ToxicantsWankhade V WKulkarni K M
14-Aug-2017Some Genetical and Biochemical Aspects of Thalassemia Affected Population in Akola regionKankekar D YKulkarni K M
26-Sep-2017Some Studies on Ecology and Diversity of Fresh Water Fishes in the Two Rivers of Vidharbha Region of Maharashtra IndiaHeda Nilesh KKulkarni K M
1-Oct-2015Studies on Acetylcholines Esterase of Pesticides Exposed Carp FingIingsMalu R AKulkarni K M
27-Aug-2015Studies On Acetylecholie Sterase of Pesticiles Exposed Carp FingerlingsMalu R AKulkarni K M
21-Aug-2017Studies on the Toxic Potentiality of Pestiside on Some Aquatic Organisations with Special Emphasis on Nitrogen MetabolismBhale K BKulkarni K M