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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-May-2016Cyclisation of halogenated n acylbenzylamines and related compoundsKumar, PawanKessar, S V
21-Apr-2016Development of new methodology for generation of benzynes and AZA carbanionsSingh, Kamal NainKessar, S V
4-May-2016Investigation of some dianion reactions of synthetic utilitySingh, SuratKessar, S V
18-Apr-2016Stabilization of a amino sulfoxides through bridgehead effect synthesis characterization and mechanistic studies of a amino sulfoxides and related compoundsMaheshwary, YogitaKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies for synthesis of heterosteroids and related compoundsJit, PawanKessar, S V
21-Apr-2016Studies in lewis acid promoted deprotonation of tertiary aminesMahendru, ManuKessar, S V
21-Apr-2016Studies in lewis acid stabilised azacarbanionsKaul, Vijay KumarKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in photochemistry of some imines ketoimines and amidesAgnihotri, Keshav RaiKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in some photoreactions of schiff basesMankotia, Anil Kumar SinghKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in synthesis of 7 oxygenated aporphines and related alkaloidsMohammad, TajKessar, S V
21-Apr-2016Studies in synthesis of isoquinoline alkaloids through electron transfer and benzyne medicated cyclisationsDutt, MaheshKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in synthesis of some naphthaphenanthridine alkaloids and related compoundsNarula, ShuchitaKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in synthesis of some polynuclear compounds through the benzyne cyclisation reactionSingh, ParamjitKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies in the synthesis of some benzophenanthridine alkaloids using benzyne and photoinitiated reactionsSawal, Kewal KrishanKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies of azasteroids and related compoundsSharma, Satish KumarKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies of some reactions of substituted organosilanes and related compoundsKaur, Nachhattar PalKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies on photolysis of 1 0 toluyl 3 4 dihydroisoquinolines leading to protoberberine alkaloidsNanda, Ashok KumarKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies towards synthesis of azasteroids and related compoundsJoshi, Gurdev SinghKessar, S V
2-Jun-2016Studies towards synthesis of corynoline type alkaloidsGupta, SeemaKessar, S V
4-May-2016Studies towards synthesis of heterocyclic steroids and related compoundsJain, Vinay KumarKessar, S V